Can Digital Scales Go Wrong?

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As a kind of industrial weighing scale, electronic measuring scale is a commonly used industrial measuring tool. It can provide accurate measurement and resolution when manifesting. Our company is committed to making the best electronic weighing machine. According to the operating instructions, the electronic indicators will continuously display stable weight readings time and time again, which is very convenient for production activities. When the weighman digital scale is correctly operated and protected, you will gain years of productivity and reliability. But can digital scales go wrong? How can you know if a scale is working properly?


In normal use, a digital weighing scale with good quality can be used for several years. Unlike mechanical scale, less professional knowledge is required to understand digital weighing scale, so even ordinary consumers can have a good understanding of the scale. Generally speaking, if an electronic scale has the following conditions, it means that the scale has been unstable and needs to be replaced.



The Dial Reading Is Biased

This is one of the obvious signs that a electronic scale is malfunctioning.

Typically, this is first noticed when the weight reading of an electronic scale changes significantly in weighing the same item under normal circumstances. When you find this problem, please take an item and place it on the weighing platform several times to see if you get the same reading. If the reading error is only occasional, it may be due to mechanical problems or load cell problems. At this time, you can continue to use it by simple repairs. In addition, after a period of time, a large number of electronic weighing machines need to be calibrated. Many digital scales have a calibration mechanism. Some mechanisms may need to reset the entire setting.



Very Unstable Reading

The unstable weight readings means that there is an electronic fault in the digital indicator on the electronic digital weighing scale. Some people will also call this situation "drift", which refers to slight changes in readings when an object is on the scale. If you need to accurately measure the weight of an item, especially when using a small digital weighing scale to accurately measure the item to milligrams, a little difference will have a huge impact.



Obvious Signs of Corrosion or Rust

Usually a mechanical product may produce rust when it is exposed to damp or other corrosive environment for a long time. If the moving parts of a metal scale or load cell are in contact with various chemicals or water, and not cleaned in time, the components will begin to degrade and malfunction. The internal structure may also cause temporary errors due to liquid penetration or long-term extreme temperature. Therefore, you must clean and protect your electronic scale in time when using.


As a well-known supplier of electronic scales, in addition to ensuring the quality of the scale as much as possible, we provide a bright screen for large displays while taking usability and legibility into account. The display indicator installed on our company's scales is very different from the standard indicators used on most industrial scales in the past few decades, which can minimize the situation that the display reading becomes difficult to see. If you want to wholesale several scales that can be used safely in most cases and have long-term quality assurance, please contact us.

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