Can you use a food scale?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people even study food and even cook it by themselves. Many people are very serious when they study food. The proportion and amount of food is important to them. At this time, we can use the digital food scale with precise calculation to make the food proportion accurate and correct. Here let's talk about the special usage of the accurate digital scale for kitchen use.



Determine the type of kitchen scale

Kitchen scale types include digital type, spring type, etc., according to your habits, such as electronic food scale is more accurate, convenient for observation; while spring scale selection is rather cheap comparing with digital food weighing scales.



Read the manual

If you want to know how to use the food electronic scale, please read the manual first. The manual will generally have a simple tutorial, some digital scales have caloric measurement and nutritional value and other advanced functions. Specific functions can be understood through the manual. First of all, turn on the digital kitchen food scale and reset the kitchen scale to zero. Weighing bowl or container is used to store the weighed food. The weight of the container can be measured in advance. For non digital food scale, it is easier to set to zero. Place the kitchen scale on a flat surface with enough space to place the scale and prepare food for weighing.



Put food in the container

Place food in the container on the kitchen scale and give the scale a moment before reading the weight. If you use an electronic food weighing scale, you can see the weight automatically displayed. Some kitchen scales need to be set according to the type of food.



Calibrate scale

Place a clean plate or bowl firmly in the center of the scale to ensure that it does not shake. Then press the count button and, if necessary, subtract the weight of the container from the reading in order to better calculate the final weight when weighing the food. For multifunction digital kitchen scale, it is more accurate and reliable. Because accurate measurement is needed when measuring components.


Read the scale

Remove the plate from the kitchen scale and place it safely on the workbench. The food digital electronic scale should now give a negative reading of the plate weight. When food is put in, the indication of the scale will change. This is why we need to carefully observe it. When the number is stable, read out the displayed number. The number plus the correct units is the final result we need.


The standard weight of most meat and fish is 3 ounces. Look for the information on the package and weigh the food before washing or cooking it. Put the food plate on the scale, and the calibrated scale can only measure the weight of food. Remove or add more food before reaching the desired portion. For hygiene reasons, dishes need to be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and detergent between weighing different foods.

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