Do Balances and Scales Work Differently?

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A Balance

A digital weighing balance is a weighing instrument to measure the mass of an object. It is made according to the principle of the lever. There is a small plate at each end of the lever. One end is placed with a weight, and the other end is placed with the object to be weighed. The center of the lever is equipped with a pointer.


It should be pointed out that the invention of the pallet balance did not make the hanging balance out of the stage of history. On the contrary, hanging balances not only continue to be used by people but also by scientists. The precision balances widely used in modern times are mostly suspended. The pallet balance is more used in daily production and life.



A Scale

A scale is a measuring instrument used to determine the weight or mass of an object. Scales are very different from balances. The balance uses a horizontal rod to compare the arm torque caused by the sample weight with the arm torque caused by the standard reference weight. There are various types of scales such as digital hanging scale, mechanical weighing scale, body fat scale and smart bathroom scale.


Let’s take a example, the function of a weighing machine for body weight is to accurately weigh the body weight. A weight scale is a kind of equalizer that can measure a person's body weight after the person standing on the scale.


The most notable advantage of body fat measurement is to display the user's body indicators in the form of data and charts through the combination of software and hardware of the smart body fat scale and smart APP. After connecting to the user's mobile phone, the measured body indicators such as weight, fat, and muscle can be uploaded synchronously, which can feel the subtle changes in the body indicators in real time and intuitively feel the changes in the body.


Regarding the connection between the body fat scale and the smart APP, there is actually another particularly important point, that is, the smart body fat scale can monitor you in real-time. The best time to weigh the weight is in the morning without breakfast, the data at this time is the most accurate. It is best to take the assessment every three days or once a week.



How to Check A Balance or A Scale?

The process of calibrating, checking, testing or verifying a scale is significantly different from the process of calibrating by adjusting the balance. Calibration can verify the correct performance of balance or scale.


The specific operations are as follows:


Check the repeatability by placing the weight in the center 10 times.


Check the sensitivity or discrimination test by applying a checkweigh under no load, half capacity and full load.


The construction test is completed by applying weights to cover 10 different weighing points.


Check the eccentric load by placing a weight equal to ¼ or 1/3 in the center.


In fact, there are more differences between a balance and a scale waiting to be explored. If your industry needs to use scales, you can always consult us about scales.

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