Do I Need to Weigh my Luggage before Traveling?

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Traveling itself is a very pleasant thing, but if you find that your luggage is too heavy and you need to pay additional fees when you take the plane, will your mood be as usual? At present, more and more carriers have stricter and stricter regulations on the weight of luggage, so accurate weighing of your luggage on weight checking machines before traveling can help you avoid most of the trouble.


You should avoid estimating the weight of your bag, as airlines are becoming stricter with monitoring limits. Southwest airlines had a sloppy calculation method to estimate weights and got fined after an FAA investigation. Not only can this affect how much fuel a plane uses, but it can also unbalance the plane, causing a change in handling or making it more difficult for pilots to react to emergencies. Here is why the weighing machine luggage can be so important:



You May Incorrectly Estimate the Weight of Your Luggage

Do not forget that your luggage will not be tared on the check weigher conveyor, and it may be heavier than you think. Even if you packed light, the weight of your bag could be enough to put your luggage over the limit because of wheels or heavy materials.



You can Save Money

As we mentioned above, some carriers can charge you an exorbitant amount of money when your bags go over the limit on the measuring weight machine. If you have accurately weighed your luggage before then, you can completely avoid this situation. After all, the extra luggage cost is not cheap.



Limiting the Weight of Luggage Can Ensure Safety

Unlike other means of transportation, airplanes cannot bear excessive weight. Therefore, the police force of each passenger is restricted to ensure safety. You should guarantee the weight is balanced by  means of weight balance machine. The use of high-precision electronic scales can control the weight of everyone's luggage within the specified range, and also ensure their personal safety. 



Smart Luggage Can Be Banned

Some luggage with fit live smart digital weight scale shows you the weight so you do not even have to weigh your things. While this seems very handy, several major carriers will not let you bring them due to safety issues concerning batteries. If you want to use such bags, check the battery type to be sure you can bring it, or make sure your bag has a removable battery. Otherwise, it may be smarter to invest in a regular suitcase. This also affects carry-ons.


So the best choice is to put your luggage on the weight weighing machine. For smaller bags, tabletop weighing machine can fit on counters with limited spaces. Digital floor scalecan handles bigger luggage with ease, and can even be set to the maximum weight using a handy check weighing feature to tell at a glance if the luggage is within carrier guidelines.

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