Do You Know How to Measure and Weigh Your Package Easily?

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Before 2015, freight companies used a simple formula to calculate the cost of package transportation based on the weight of the package and the distance to be transported. Therefore, the heavier the packaging and the further the distance needs to be traveled, the higher the cost of shipping. In the "old age" of transportation, this formula was very effective when the transportation volume was much lower than today's transportation methods. When the e-commerce boom began to take over the shipping industry, carriers began to notice that the limited space available for trucks and airplanes resulted in smaller profit margins for larger packages. The amount of space occupied by the package must also be considered, not just the net weight of the package.


In 2015, major operators adopted a new pricing model called Dimensional Weight to adapt to these changes and maintain profitability. New size-weighted pricing is adopted to calculate shipping costs based on the amount of space the package will occupy or its weight (whichever is the largest) and charge accordingly. This is why it is necessary to have both the size and weight of the package to calculate the shipping cost.



Tips for Measuring Package Size

To ensure accurate quotations and correct payment methods, each carrier will use its unique price calculator to determine the final billable weight, such as the light shipping scale and model ships wood scale. Billable weight is the greatest of two measurements: either the package’s total weight or the dimensional weight.



Use Measurement Apps

Several cool apps can be downloaded for free, which can help you use your phone’s camera to magically measure packages. To find measurement apps, open your preferred app store and search for "measurement tools". The most acclaimed tool is aptly named Ruler, and although you can rely on it to make fairly accurate measurements, these applications are not as reliable as the actual Ruler. Therefore, we recommend that you use the actual digital postal scale or parcel weight scale.



Use a Bathroom Scale

Digital bathroom scales and mechanical bathroom scales are quick and easy tools that can be used to weigh your packages. Since you do not need to determine the exact weight of the package, household scales only need to work normally. For packages weighing several pounds, you can place them directly on the scale to determine their weight.


If the weight of your package is too small to be measured by the scale, you only need to weigh yourself without the package, and then hold the package before weighing yourself. Then, simply subtract the original weight from the second weight of the package, and the resulting figure is the weight of the package.



Use a Kitchen Scale

If you are a baking enthusiast or a culinary enthusiast, you may have suspended the perfect kitchen scale for baking or electronic kitchen weighing scale in the kitchen. Kitchen scales can be used to accurately measure ingredients, portions, and packaging. The new version of the compact scale is not only highly accurate, but can even weigh packages up to 40 pounds or more.



The most accurate size and weight can only be obtained after the package is fully packaged and sealed. Be careful when sealing the package and make sure that no extra items are hanging on the box. No matter which carrier you choose to ship your package, you may use laser measurement tools to double-check your measurement results. This may include anything hanging outside the box, which reduces the measurement results and total volumetric weight, and increases costs. Of course, accurate postal scales and electronic shipping scales are also the best tool that allows you to pay the postage accurately.

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