Do You Know the Development of Electronic Scales?

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In recent years, China's electronic scale manufacturing technology is developing rapidly year by year, which gradually gets rid of the dependence on international large-scale weighing products. The quality and technology of some independent brand products have passed the standard, which has basically reached the international advanced level. At present, the development of China's electronic weighing machine has achieved a number of changes, which realizes the transformation from static to dynamic in weighing and realizes the transformation from analog to digital in measurement.



Development Trend of Electronic Scales in China

From the various specifications electronic scales to the large-scale electronic truck scale, from the simple measurement and weighing to the product detection system of daily production, the application scope of the electronic scale is expanding with the passage of time. According to the development of technology and market demand, the development trend of electronic weighing machines for shops is miniaturization, modularization, intelligence, and integration, whose technical performance is also tending to high efficiency, high spirit, and high reliability. Now electronic scales have few components, so it can have a lot of space for evolution.


The most basic components of electronic weighing balance include a sensor, signal conversion device, and display device. By adding multi-functional storage space, the electronic scale can add an information data memory, which can strengthen the function of the electronic scale in the product. Electronic scales are developing towards the following characteristics:


  • Intelligent. It can realize multi-function and multi-purpose by installing various buttons with different types and functions on the electronic compact scale. The network can make a computer control multiple electronic scales at the same time, which can also use the computer for unified batch processing. It not only saves manpower and expenses but also greatly improves work efficiency.

  • Integration. Some electronic bathroom scales are controlled by an integrated circuit board, which can realize the integration of weighing and data transmission.

  • Comprehensive. Commercial electronic scale products can be used on a variety of occasions because different product configurations can meet a variety of weighing requirements in multiple environments. Whether it is a large mine or a small electronic component processing plant, electronic personal scales have the opportunity to show talents.



2. Verification of Electronic Scale

An electronic scale is a commonly used weighing and measuring equipment, whose accuracy not only affects the weighing data results but also directly relates to the immediate economic interests of consumers and the actual economic and social benefits of enterprises. Therefore, there are specialized institutions in China, which can be used to determine whether the measurement accuracy of electronic scale meets the standard. The technical supervision department will verify the electronic scale periodically to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the transaction.


Verification regulation is not only the legal basis of electronic scale detection, but also the link between production, use, and measurement. As a legal measuring instrument, all electronic analytical balances manufactured, sold, in use, repaired, and imported must be verified according to the verification regulations. It has the following characteristics:


  • The verification regulation of electronic scales is only applicable to the electronic weighing scales that have been shaped.

  • The verification regulation of electronic scales is mainly undertaken by the grass-roots measurement departments, including the production industry and the user.

  • In addition to introducing the necessary measurement and technical requirements, the verification regulation of electronic platform scales focuses on verification conditions, verification items, verification methods, verification steps, and data processing.

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