Do You Really Understand Floor Scales?

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It is understood that there are many types of scales such as digital weighing machine, electronic weighing scale, floor weighing scale and mechanical weighing machine.


There are many factors that may affect the scale you choose. For example, if your factory contains a lot of dust or flammable materials, you need to buy a relatively safe scale. The scale must meet specific standards set for hazardous environments. If the item you are weighing is too heavy, you should consider buying a floor scale instead of a platform scale.



A Floor Scale

Floor scales are a good tool for measuring large loads that are too large to be lifted by hand. Most floor scales are equipped with up and down ramps for efficient loading and unloading. Floor scales are very suitable for industrial environments such as warehouses and factories.


In the mid-1980s, with the maturity of high-precision load cell technology, mechanical floor scales were gradually replaced by high-precision, stable, and easy-to-operate floor scales. The standard configuration of the electronic platform scale is mainly composed of three main parts: a load-bearing force transmission mechanism (scale body), a high-precision weighing sensor, and a weighing display instrument, which can complete the basic weighing functions of the electronic platform. According to the requirements of different users, printers, large-screen displays, and computer management systems can also be selected to complete higher-level data management and transmission needs.


Floor scales can be classified into analog electronic floor scales and digital electronic floor scales according to sensor output signals. We manufacture floor scales of various sizes and capacities. The best choice of floor scale can guarantee accurate results and is suitable for harsh environments.


Advanced platform scales are equipped with stainless steel load cells and advanced digital algorithms. It has a welded structure, and the surface is coated with a special zinc-rich epoxy resin to prevent rust.



Other Functions of the Floor Scale

Generally, the platform on the floor scale is very low. Therefore, it is easy to place objects that are difficult to lift on the scale for weighing. Nowadays, the accurate floor scale has a digital indicator on the rotating mount, which is easy to operate and legible.


Stainless steel floor scales are very suitable for harsh industrial sites. The scale uses heavy-duty industrial-grade load cells. The load cell is made of heat-treated stainless steel instead of aluminum or ordinary steel. The load cell is bolted to a protective bag in the frame. Zinc-rich epoxy coatings can improve strength, durability, accuracy and corrosion resistance.



Other Upgrades of the Weighbridge

Many scales can be connected to a computer through a variety of standard communication options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, and RS-232 computer or printer ports. Each scale can be upgraded to a rechargeable battery pack, set point controller, time and date function, and USB port.



Platform scales are popular in the aviation industry and commercial laundry businesses. This is the most commonly used scale in manufacturing and agriculture. We specialize in producing all kinds of floor scales and platform scales. You can find all the options you want on our product page.

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