Does Standing Style Change Weight?

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When I weigh, I usually stand on the digital body weight scale with two feet. But if I stand on the scale with one foot, will the weight be the same as before?



The Effect of Standing on One Foot on the Scale

Weight is the force of gravity acting on an object. Whether we stand on one or two feet, gravity exerts the same force on us. When standing on two feet on the digital body scale, gravity will be distributed over a wider area, that is, the total area covered by the two soles. When we lift a foot, the same force will be distributed in a smaller area, that is, the area of a foot. As the body's constant weight is distributed in different areas, the pressure will change. Because pressure is described as force per unit area, when a foot is lifted, the area covered by the human body on the scale will decrease, so the pressure will increase. Despite the increase in pressure, the weight remains constant. Therefore, the weighing result remains the same.



Precautions of Using Weighing Scale

1.It is not recommended to turn on the digital body weight machine by hand. If the scale body is turned on by hand, the zero point will be inaccurate. We need to place the electronic body scale on the ground, wait for one minute to automatically shut down and restart it for use, or remove the battery, and restart it according to the correct usage method.


2. There is a toggle switch at the bottom of the accurate body weight scale. The unit of measurement can be kilograms or pounds. The kilogram will display kg while the pounds will display lb.


3. When O-LD is displayed, it means overload, that is, the weight has exceeded the maximum load of body weight scale. When overloaded, when a person walks off the surface of the electronic body weight machine, the scale can resume normal work and the O-LD will disappear automatically.


4. When the LCD screen displays LO, it means that the battery voltage is too low. Please replace the battery immediately and then you can continue using the smart body weight scales. The measurement accuracy of the instrument is not guaranteed in the under-powered state.



5. If you don't use the scale for a long time, please take out the battery in time to avoid electrolyte leakage corroding the scale body and internal components.


6. The electronic weighing scale is a precision electronic weighing instrument, which should be kept carefully and used correctly, avoiding damp, drop and collision, heavy pressure and exposure to the sun. Do not rinse directly with water. If the surface is dirty, please clean it with a soft cloth dampened with water. It is strictly forbidden to use benzene, nitro solution or liquid caustic soda for cleaning.


7. When carrying and transporting, it must be handled with care. The shell is easily damaged by external force.


8. When using, place the scale on a flat and hard ground, so that there is no debris under the scale.


9. When weighing, the person should stand upright in the middle of the electronic weighing machine and the body should not be shaken.

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