Does Standing on Carpet and Hard Floors Have any Effect on Weighing?

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In modern families, many people will prepare a digital body scale to step on it to measure the weight and monitor the most basic body changes. However, some people accidentally put the digital body weight scale on a carpeted, and they will find that their weight has changed a lot.



The Digital Weight Scale Measures Gravity Instead of Weight

Why is there such a big difference between the results obtained by the same person on the same scale in different environments? Physics experts believe that improper use of the digital body fat scale may cause errors. If the scale is placed on uneven ground, it is also easy to cause errors. Soft carpet or uneven ground will make the measurement results inaccurate. Especially soft cushions and blankets will absorb some of the weight, creating the illusion that you are lighter.


It is understood that the electronic body scale uses the sensor measurement principle to generate an electric current through the deformation of the elastic beam of the sensor. The result of its measurement is gravity, not weight. Because of its working principle, it is extremely affected by external temperature, humidity and battery fatigue.



How to Use the Scale Correctly

Once a Day is Enough

Studies have shown that people who weigh on the digital body weight machine once a day lose twice as much weight as those who weigh once a week. The actual weight of people who resist weighing on portable scale for body weight tends to be at least 2 kg heavier than their actual weight. But what needs to be reminded is that your weight will change with many changes in the external environment within a day, such as clothing, drinking water, exercise and other factors, which will change your weight figures. Therefore, weighing several times a day is meaningless.


Fixed Weighing Time

Throughout the day, your weight will change greatly with the environment. To grasp your weight more accurately, it is important to choose a good time. Experts recommend getting up in the morning and weighing on body weight scale on an empty stomach after finishing the bathroom. At this time, the water and food of the day are basically metabolized, which is the lightest moment of the day. Of course, do not compare your weight after getting up in the morning with your weight after dinner. It is best to weigh at the same time every day for accuracy.


Place the Scale on a Hard Floor

The error of the body weight machine is minimal only on a hard and level ground. Soft carpets or uneven floors will make the measurement results inaccurate. If you suspect that there is a problem with your body fat weight scale, you can first weigh something with a known weight, such as 5kg of rice. Of course, if there is a small problem with the scale, it does not matter, as long as you keep measuring on the same scale all the time. Although the actual results will be biased, at least the trend of weight changes is correct.



In general, the weight weighing on accurate body weight scale on a soft carpet will be lighter, so we'd better weigh on a hard texture board, so that the result is minimal.

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