Have you Chosen the Best Jewelry Weighing Scale?

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Jewelry and gold seem to be inherently attractive, making us want to own and collect. We love their sparkle, natural colors, and materials that are even more impressive. But wait! How do you know that your jewelry and gold are real? How much value do they have? Come on! It's time to choose a jewelry balance!



What is a Jewelry Scale?

Jewelry scale,a customized digital scale, is used to weigh gold, gems, and other precious metals in grams and carats. There are three common types of jewelry scales: pocket scales, compact balances, and portable precision balances.



Why Does Jewelry Need to be Weighed?

There is no denying that jewelry weighing is an important factor in determining its value. The law requires commercial jewelers to weigh their jewelry on a certified trade approved scale when buying and selling products.


If you are a jeweler, using an accurate scale can ensure that your product prices are consistent with market prices so that avoid your jewelry being sold at a low-price. From a consumer's perspective, if you want to sell jewelry to wholesale buyers, the value of jewelry plays a decisive role in the transaction process, which depends on the weight and current market value. Therefore, it is essential to weigh the jewelry with an accurate jewelry scale, such as 0.01g digital balance pocket jewelry scales or 7500g x 0.1g mini digital jewelry scales.


Throughout the jewelry making process, we cannot emphasize the importance of inspecting and weighing all components too much to ensure that they meet the specifications of the finished product. For example, if the finished product is an 18CT diamond necklace, the jeweler must weigh the diamond, the precious metal used in the setting, and the finished product. This is a good indication of the value of the finished product and allows the jeweler to set prices correctly. Therefore, the use of high-precision jewelry scales, such as a necklace jewelry smart precision balance or a necklace jewelry smart precision balance, are beneficial to jewelers.



How to Determine the Carat Weight of a Gem?

First, we need to use a gram scale or a scale in gram increments to weigh gems. Then we divide the displayed number by 0.2, and this value is the carat weight. By the same token, you can also use an electric balance for jewelry or an electronic balance precision scale, which can automatically convert values.


What is the Difference Between Carat and Karat?

Whether you use jewelry gold scales or 1000g×0.01g jewelry tools digital weighing balances, it is very important to understand the difference between carat and karat. Carat is a unit measurement used to weigh jewelry. Besides, one carat can also be used to measure the purity of gold and other precious metals. Gold purity is measured by parts, of which 24 carats are considered the highest purity.



If you give priority to gems rather than jewelry, professional equipment such as gem refractometers are often used as a means of identifying gems. These devices can determine the type of gemstone by examining its ability to bend or refract light according to a specific refractive index. All in all, choosing the right equipment for your treasure can benefit you as much as possible.

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