How Big Is the Role of Industrial Scales in Sustainable Manufacturing?

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People choose to do things in a more environmentally friendly way. For scale manufacturers, what's important is that we choose environmentally friendly materials to make electronic scales, and we are studying more advanced environmental protection methods every day.



Green Electronic Scale Warehouse

We try our best to adopt the components of the electronic weighing scale that don’t pollute the environment. And with the increase of transportation cost and impact, it becomes more and more important to minimize the required transportation volume. For example, follow this manufacturing chain to load the case of a digital scale: it may first be loaded by truck, and then some of the parts may need to be transported to the welding workshop. After welding, they will be transported back to the manufacturing plant. After the components are assembled, all kinds of equipment and scales of the electronic scale are transported to another site. Finally, after the electronic equipment is assembled and weighed, it can be calibrated, packaged and transported to the distributor.


In order to reduce transportation costs, many manufacturers now design electronic scales to ensure accuracy, robustness and ease of use. In order to manufacture platform scales, manufacturers order aluminum plates, channels, stainless steel bars and plastic injection molded housings directly from suppliers and then ship these parts directly to the factory. The aluminum is processed indoors to the size required for the best digital scale, and then welded together using factory welding facilities.


Stainless steel bars can also be processed in our processing workshop. Firstly, it is cut into the final size close to the designed electronic scale, and then it is processed into the shape required for manufacturing the load cell by CNC milling machine. The strain gauge is applied to the battery by factory technicians. The load cells are then calibrated and sealed and transported to the welding platform. In the production of electronic scales, through such internal manufacturing, welding and all assembly, we not only save time, but also reduce the use of fuel and exhaust gas. At the same time, these electronic weighing scales can be directly delivered to the end users, avoiding a lot of transportation and processing. This approach not only reduces costs, but also protects the environment by reducing the fuel and pollutants needed during transportation.



Environmental Protection Scale

Industrial scales, used for weighing pallets, carrying boxes, storage tanks, etc., are the most popular scale in business. Industrial scale also includes platform scale and roller scale for weighing incoming packages and outgoing goods. Although they are smaller, even table scale, part counting scale and laboratory scale belong to the category of industrial scale. These industrial scales are designed with diamond tread aluminum platform and welded aluminum frame, and do not require painting on these surfaces. You can use an electronic scale made of stainless steel for weighing materials that may be corrosive.


After the user receives the digital scale, the disassembled packaging materials will usually become waste products. These packages may have a great impact on the environment. If they are plastic packaging materials, it is difficult for users to handle them correctly. Therefore, in order to protect the environment, businesses can use natural fiber, cardboard or natural starch based materials to package electronic scales.



All the scale products of our company are out of the warehouse after strict inspection. We follow the concept of environmental protection and replace packaging materials with environmentally friendly materials. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us at any time.

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