How Many Weighing Scale Terms Are There?

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Weight scales are mainly used to record and monitor body weight changes. Common forms include digital body scale, smart body weight scale and electronic measuring scale.


The body weight scale, as the name suggests, is to measure the user's weight, and there is no other monitoring and data analysis functions.



However, the body fat scale uses the BIA bioelectrical impedance method, which integrates body measurement, body fat monitoring and other functions. You can judge the corresponding physical condition at this time based on the given reference data, such as various indicators of body composition and current body condition.

 body weight scale


Before buying a weight scale machine, it is necessary to understand some key terms related to scales. The main purpose is to prevent any misunderstandings between you and the sales representative during the ordering process.


1. Accuracy. It is a term used to express the performance of a measuring instrument, mainly used to indicate its ability to indicate the true value of the amplitude to be measured with sufficient accuracy.


2. Auto range. This is an automatic device used to switch ranges between multiple range scales and multiple divisional scales. The automatic adjustment range allows the indicator to switch between the scale and its unit and the preset division setting.


3. AZM (automatic zero maintenance). Sometimes the weather will cause the scale to start reading the weight. If the reading is lower than the predetermined weight, you can set it to auto-zero in the indicator.



4. HMI (Human Machine Interface). This usually refers to a monitor where the user reads data about the state of the process and can physically control various parts of the process.


5. (Initial) static load. This factor mainly refers to the physical weight on the load cell before weighing, such as the weight of the platform or the weight of an empty container. When considering the maximum weight of the product to be weighed, the initial static load will affect the maximum load requirement of the load cell.


In addition, there are some elements including maximum load, minimum load, span, resolution/readability, stability (motion) detection and tolerance.


After purchase, it is necessary to understand some basic terms related to your products like mechanical bathroom scale, such as analog, analog-to-digital converter, digital, gross weight, net weight, tare weight and zero.


During service and inspection, due to environmental influences and digital interference, it is necessary to frequently check and calibrate the weight measuring scale. The above is a series of terms to help you understand the performance of electronic weighing balance and how to test it, including calibration, corner load testing, creep, drift, hysteresis, linearity, non-axial load, overload, and repeatability.



Now you know the various terminology in the process of buying scales. This helps eliminate language barriers between you, the production team and the provider.

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