How Platform Scales Are Used in Commercial Laundry?

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Have you ever imagined how much laundry will be washed or processed every day in laundry shops worldwide? In fact, the armed forces in a region alone have a large demand for laundry every day, not to mention the tens of thousands of towels in the hotel. Large restaurants may have in-house laundry facilities, while small restaurants are contracted by a professional laundry service agency. Because some professional scale tools can help this matter become simple and effective such as laundry platform scale, commercial electronic scale, etc.



Platform Laundry Scale

When you want to use a professional washing machine to wash clothes, it is important to know the approximate weight of the washed items. Because usually professional washing equipment can accept a certain weight of items, so you need to use a weighing scale platform to weigh the weight of clothes, so as to prevent putting too much clothes and causing damage to the machine. And outside, laundry service is often charged by weight, so you need a good electronic scale to assist your work.


As we all know, many clothes cannot be washed in the same washing machine, so many businesses will prepare trolleys to prevent clothes. These trolleys need to be measured on a platform scale to determine the load weight. Usually, the weight of the cart itself is known, and the weight can be subtracted from the weight measured on the table top weighing scale to obtain the weight of the clothes.


These laundry scales platforms should have many functions. Usually, people use ramps so that they can easily push the washing car onto the electronic bench scale.



Digital Laundry Scale

Although electroplated load cells are cheaper, they offer less service life than stainless steel. At the end of use, they will have pitting and other corrosion. The electronic components on the load cell will not adhere to the surface well. In addition, steel load cell can not provide enough protection against impact load. If the washing car accidentally impacts the loaded scale from the side angle, the platform scale will be damaged. Because of the frequent occurrence of such accidents, we recommend that you use stainless steel load cells, which can better withstand the impact.


Usually the electronic components on the scale are covered with silicone material, which can effectively protect the scale. If the scale you buy has a digital indicator, some remote operators can easily read it. Such weight data can be recorded on a printer or sent directly to a computer for data storage for future use.

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