How To Choose The Right Scale In the Spice and Herb Industry?

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Spices are very popular all over the world, and people like this magical material very much. Many spices are relatively easy to obtain, so we can buy them in ordinary stores. But there are still many spices that are as expensive as gold. For such expensive spices, accurate weighing is essential. Whether it is sold in a sealed package or used in a recipe, it must be accurately weighed. In this article, we will discuss which pallet floor scale and weighing balance is most suitable for weighing spices.



Why Use A Scale To Weigh?

There are many different reasons for using digital weighing scales to measure herbs, spices and other ingredients. First and foremost, consumers and sellers want what they need. It's also important that we all want to know how many different ingredients are in the food, so the digital scale is used to ensure the consistency of the formula, and it can also be used to adjust the formula to better upgrade the taste of the food.


Although the cup and measuring spoon look very convenient, they are very inaccurate compared with professional electronic scales. The difference between the two measurements of a cup of flour on the digital balance can be as high as 30 grams. If you have to double or triple the ingredients of a recipe, you need an accurate electronic scale. For expensive or strong spices, you need to know that maintaining the accuracy of the measurement is very important for the taste of food and reducing waste.


A good scale can keep the accuracy of measurement, reduce variance and ensure the consistency of formula. When someone buys cinnamon rolls at the grocery store, they want the cake to taste the same every time they buy it. Consistent taste can let consumers know what they expect and ensure that consumers can always choose one product over another (for example, some people prefer Coca Cola to Pepsi).


In addition, many recipes involve proportion. Maybe a recipe needs 2 / 3 tbsp cumin. What if you want to scale up? At this time, you need to use a small electronic scale to weigh. Unlike fractions or multiple measurement methods, the food weight scale keeps all components in the same unit of measurement.



Weighing for Sale Is the Best Solution

Spices are often sold by weight. The scale with CKT and other calibration and weighing functions can help sellers and retailers carry out batch packaging. Small retailers and independent stores usually use small scales to save counter space.


Kitchen scale is very suitable for preparing food and ingredients. IP67 rating gives these scales high water resistance and moisture resistance, which means that they can be cleaned with water after use.



The industrial scales and electronic scales produced by the company have been rigorously tested, and their accuracy has reached national certification. If your area is engaged in the import and export of spices, you can contact us and we will provide you with high-quality and high-precision scales.

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