How do Digital Scales Measure Body Fat?

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Do you always depend on your bathroom weighing scale? However, experts say that you need to track your body fat as well as choose the best scales for accurate weight if you really want to get the most accurate measure of your progress. Here are some standard measurement tools, like the body mass index (BMI), digital body fat scale, DEXA scanning, the Tape measure, Infrared 2Light measuring and so on.




The BMI Scale

This is a simple calculation using the most basic tools - your height and weight. Plug these numbers into a BMI weight machine to learn whether you are obese, overweight, or normal weight. The BMI was developed using large,population-based studies. Though it doesn't address the percentage of body fat or muscle, it helps health care professionals quickly assess which patients may be at risk of health problems linked to excess weight.



Digital Body Fat Scale

"Bioelectrical impedance analysis" has been added to the digital bathroom scale. The scales send a harmless electrical current up through your body to "read" the amount of fat body mass and lean body mass-calculating your percentage of body fat. With all this factored in, the scales are an easy, at-home way to keep track of your weight and fat-loss progress."



DEXA Scanning

DEXA is "dual energy X-ray absorpitometry", which is the same imaging technology that doctors use to measure bone density to determine osteoporosis risk, explains Bryant. During the test, you lie on an X-ray table for about 10 minutes while the scanner measures your body fat, muscle, and bone mineral density. DEXA is "an emerging technique that holds a lot of promise," Bryant tells WebMD. "It allows us to determine the weight loss scale overall, and to identify fat deposits in specific body regions.



The Tape Measure

It's one of the old fashioned weighing scales for "obesity tests" known to mankind. However, waist circumference in this context "is not defined as a seamstress would," says Bryant. "This is taken at the belly button level." Men with measurements higher than 40, or women with waist measurements higher than 35, are considered obese, he says. This is a basic indicator of a body fat problem, says Bryant.



Infrared Light Measuring

Infrared light measuring is an inexpensive way to measure body fat with a weighing scale with body fat analyzer that agronomists use. Here's what happens: A probe is placed on a body site-the biceps, for instance-sending an infrared light ray through both fat and muscle. Your height, weight, sex, age, frame size, and activity level are factored in. The final number is a "rough estimate" of your body fat percentage, says Bryant.


All in all, you should pay more attention to body fat,use the best digital scale to get the most accurate measure of your progress, then you will keep fit.

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