How do I Decide If I Should Buy a Scale?

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A scale is an indispensable item in life. It allows you to check your weight at any time and get effective warnings. At present, the most commonly used household scales are analog scales and digital weighing scale. They have always been competitors to each other. So what kind of scale is more suitable for you, and why do you need to buy a scale? If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the two, the following will give you a detailed introduction.




In terms of accuracy, any digital scale is better than an analog scale. Digital hanging scale is one of the most prominent types. The analog scale is mechanical, so overall results may fluctuate.



Scale Method

As a relatively old-fashioned weighing device, analog scales have always used springs for measurement, while digital body weight scales use emerging sensor technology for weighing. This leads you to always pay attention to the battery problem inside the electronic scale in order to replace it in time. The analog scale uses a spring-based mechanism, so there is no battery replacement problem.



Power Supply

Comparatively speaking, analog scale power supply is more durable because digital pocket scale involves power consumption and works completely on battery. If the battery is not replaced, the digital baby scale will reduce the signal frequency due to the lack of power supply. In contrast, the analog scale does not require any power supply.




As time goes on, the spring system tends to loosen, so the durability of the analog scale is low. However, if you don't replace the used battery in time, the digital spoon scale will become useless. From this perspective, we cannot directly say which one is more dominant.




Compared with a digital scale, the analog scale is always heavier, which may be a problem for people who need to move it frequently because it limits mobility and may cause inconvenience in storage. Generally speaking, the accurate digital scale is designed to be light and portable, whose overall design is very compact and smooth.



Scale Display

Although the analog scale has a simple and direct display, the digital body scale has an LCD screen. Because the digital machine can accurately read to the decimal point, it is easier to read than the analog machine. It is for this reason that the digital scale has more comprehensive functions and higher precision.




Many portable digital scales can be difficult to set up because they have different parameters to modify, which can include a body mass index (BMI) reading. The analog scale is very convenient because there is no need for additional modification, so you just need to stand up to know your weight.



Availability of Advanced Technology Features

Digital scale is a contemporary invention which uses advanced technology and intelligent sensor. These machines can actually be reliable partners in your weight loss process because they can give you a complete analysis of your weight. Using body mass index and other human health indicators can give you a detailed interpretation of your weight, which can help you adjust your diet according to your body needs. Besides, digital measuring scales can also be compatible with smartphones and fitness trackers. As you may have guessed, an analog scale does not have this function, which can only be used to read your weight.

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