How does the Weighing Equipment in the Recycle Plant Work?

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Why Should We Weigh Recycled Materials?

Reasonable use of electronic weighing scale can greatly reduce the waste of materials in various operations. Recycling and waste disposal are not as easy as we think. It is important to optimize the gap between recyclable materials and waste products. Measuring waste can also help businesses understand their production and how to appropriately reduce practices that lead to more waste. Proper management of these resources can also save time and money.


Some enterprises, especially those dealing with scrap metals, can sell recyclable waste. So accurate weighing is crucial if they want to make money. Next, we will give a detailed answer around the weighing equipment in the recycle plant.



Trade Approval of the Scales

Many people cannot understand why scales need to be trade certified. In fact, for high-volume transactions, a trade-approved indicator with a large platform combines heavy-duty capabilities with commercial precision. For those enterprises that need to regularly dispose of waste special substances, they also need to go through strict approval when using scales. For high volume transactions, a trade-approved indicator with a large platform combines heavy-duty capabilities with commercial precision. If the city government in your area requires you to handle some special materials, you must use a trade-approved scale to ensure that residents can get fair transactions.



Which Scales Should Be Used?

In addition to the large-scale weighing system attached to trucks or bridges, various types of scales are used to weigh wastes in small and medium-sized operations and in the later stage of the recycling process. The truck scale and pallet scale are used to measure the binding waste or materials stacked on the pallet. They allow workers to transport waste and weigh it seamlessly. Using a pallet truck scale means that workers don't have to unload garbage, put it on a platform, weigh it, and then put it on a pallet. In the long run, this helps to save a lot of time and energy and helps to prevent injuries by eliminating unnecessary steps in the process. Despite their high capacity, they don't need much space and can be very flexible even in narrow corners.


Bench scales are also used by recycling plants to measure paper or plastic, while floor scales are used to measure heavier materials such as glass or metal.


Crane scale can be integrated in various processes to weigh suspended materials. They allow remote control of operations to improve security. Our IHS crane weighs 5000 kg. Besides these scales that we mentioned above, hanging scale and platform scale can also be used in recycling industry.


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