How to Accurately Weigh Hay

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Electronic weighing machines are used in many aspects of agriculture and animal husbandry. In this paper, we will discuss how to use the large electronic scale in the production, sales and consumption of hay, so that both buyers and sellers can use the weighing equipment to obtain the most accurate weighing when selling, trading and measuring animal feed.



Measurement Of Animal Feed Content

Most of the farm keepers and ordinary farmers who carry out animal breeding choose food weigh scales to weigh the amount of hay required by the animals every day, because the food scale can to a large extent ensure that the appropriate amount of food is provided for the livestock and is important to maintain the normal weight of the animal.


Before you buy a weight scale machine, you need to confirm the amount of hay to be weighed. This will help you determine the capacity and readability of the scale you need. The weight checking function of the food weighing machine is very useful for you. It can also help new employees quickly confirm the amount of feed. You need to know that the correct proportion can help the owner maintain the healthy weight of the animal and greatly reduce waste, thus saving costs.



Sell Hay By Weight

Although hay used to be sold in bundles, it is becoming more and more common for sellers to use professional scales to sell hay by weight. The weight of different hay bales may vary greatly. The buyer may have some losses without knowing the actual weight of hay bales. Therefore, a professional electronic hay scale is very important for both the buyer and the seller.


People who weigh hay sometimes also need to weigh grains, crops, agricultural products or animals. So this kind of people buy a kind of multi-functional weighing instrument with large scale or added functional features, instead of buying a separate scale for each weighing task, which may be more cost-effective.



Various Types Of Scales For Weighing Hay

1. Hanging scale. The compact, lightweight and robust suspension scale provides a practical way to measure hay. They provide convenient and secure remote control operation and are very suitable for use in places where power is not available. They are the first choice for many breeders.


2. Platform scale. Some small platform scales and floor scales can also weigh hay. Although large bales of hay cannot be directly measured by this kind of instrument, the daily consumption of certain animals can be accurately measured by this type of weighing device. At the same time, this stainless steel pot and high-IP-grade instrument will be easier to clean.



If your area has a large number of merchants engaged in animal husbandry or agricultural planting, you can import our weighing equipment. The scales produced by our company are strictly inspected, and we guarantee the quality of each product.


Matters Needing Attention

Please believe that using the right scale can save you time and money, and also help you ensure the quality of hay. In order to obtain reliable and consistent results, you need to calibrate your large weighing equipment frequently.

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