How to Become a Precision Scale Expert?

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To become an expert in the design and manufacture of ultra-precision balances, one must understand the following points. Firstly, what is the difference between ultra-precision electronic scale and traditional electronic scale technology? The second one is the Surface Acoustic Wave Technology in Ultra Precision Balance. The last one is the ability to provide a variety of ultra-precision scale styles and capacities.


Once you understand everything about ultra-precision scales and the technology that scales use to produce extremely accurate weight readings, then you can consider yourself an expert.



The Difference Between Ultra-precision Electronic Scale and Traditional Electronic Scale Technology

Regarding the weighing industry, the first thing you should know is that the balance technology most used by weighing scale manufacturers is strain gauges. This is because strain gage scales can produce accurate weight measurements and can usually withstand heavy loads. For most weighing applications, strain gage scales are just fine, but of course there are limitations to scale. For example, strain gage scales are not the most accurate scales in existence.



Before SAW, those who needed a more precise scale than ordinary strain gages had another option: magnetic force recovery, or MFR scale. Today, MFR scales produce more accurate weight readings than strain gage scales, but their maximum capacity rarely exceeds 50 pounds and they are very expensive. Therefore, consumers often choose between a scale that can provide high-precision readings and a scale that can withstand extremely heavy loads.


Ultra-precision balances are different from strain gages and magnetorheological balances because they measure displacement. This means that the strain level of the electronic weighing scale can be lower than 10% of most strain gage load cells, and can have a higher load-bearing capacity. Ultra-precision scales are more reliable and more suitable for most industrial applications. Electronic scales, such as digital scale professional mini and electronic bathroom scales can withstand 2.5 times the rated load without damage, which means that ultra-precision electronic scales are not as susceptible to impact load and overload damage as other electronic scales.



Surface Acoustic Wave Technology

If you want to become a true expert in ultra-precision balances, then you must understand surface acoustic wave technology. In every precision weighing scale, there are high-strength alloy load cells. A ultra-precision scale uses this alloy material as a load cell because it is very durable and helps prevent corrosion and damage to the internal technology of the load cell. In each load cell, there is a spring element, using 2 sensors. One of the sensors acts as a transmitter and the other acts as a receiver. The transmitter generates a body wave, which is transmitted to the receiver and then back to the receiver. When an object is placed on the weighing platform, the spring element will bend, thereby changing the frequency of the wave. The surface acoustic wave scale measures this frequency change and uses it to determine the weight of objects on the platform.



Ultra-precision Scale

When you understand the surface acoustic wave technology and the difference between it and the strain gage and MFR technology, you can consider yourself an expert in ultra-precision balances. The only thing that can really make a deal is to let you know all the ultra-precision balances provided by our company, such as precision digital scales, precision digital hanging scale, small digital weight machine, etc.


The maximum capacity, readability, construction, and additional functions of each ultra-precision scale are shown on our website. For example, customers can choose from a load capacity of 10 pounds to 1000 pounds. Each capacity has different readability and disc size. Our electronic scale, such as electronic personal scale and digital body scale also provides many additional functions to make the operation of our electronic scale more effective for customers.


Please visit our website now to learn more about ultra-precision scales.

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