How to Buy the Best Industrial Weighing Platform Scales?

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What is a floor scale? Floor scales are industrial scales used to weigh large or very large objects with a weighing capacity of kilograms and tons. They usually represent any type of industrial weighing machines operating on the floor, including platform weighing scales, pallet floor scales and pallet beams. In warehouses, docks and factories, floor scales are usually used.


Benefits of Using Floor Scales

Compared with other types of scales, some of the main advantages of using weight machine for industrial use are as follows:


Compared with most other scales, they have a higher capacity and a larger weighing pan. In the case of limited space, it can be easily stacked or stuffed under a pallet or placed in a storage container.


The floor weighing scale is a multifunctional scale that can be used in conjunction with a support to weigh anything in car parts, containers or animals.


The electronic floor scale is reliable and robust, and can withstand harsh warehouse conditions, otherwise other scales may be easily damaged.



How Does a Floor Scale Work?

Generally speaking, the working method of the floor scale is the same as that of the conventional floor scale. Digital floor scales require users to specify the unit of weight according to your requirements-grams, kilograms, tons or other custom units of measurement. If you want to weigh a large number of items, you may need to preset more specific functions, such as check weighing or part counting.


Due to the large size of the industrial digital weighing scale, it is best to use the floor scale in an open area where large objects can be safely manipulated. However, most industrial floor scales can be easily stacked and stored.


Industrial floor scales are designed for docks, manufacturing plants, factories and other large warehouse environments. The typical floor scale has a high capacity and is ideal for weighing oversized crates and large pallet inventories. What’s more, they also provide multiple check-weighing and part counting functions to help with inventory tasks and inventory control.


In addition, the floor scale can also be used for veterinary weighing and can accommodate many large animals, even lions and elephants. Some platform floor scales provide dynamic weighing function, which can make those animals that move randomly obtain accurate weighing results.

Tips for Choosing a Floor Scale

1. Is the size of the weighing pan appropriate?

The size of the floor scale is the first question you have to consider. You should a floor scale large enough to meet your needs for weighing large containers or crates.


2. Can the scale hold the capacity you need?

If you plan to weigh multiple items at the same time, make sure that the total weight does not exceed the maximum weight of the electronic scale.


3. Does the scale provide the functions required by your application?

Your scale must be able to meet your needs and execute the appropriate application. If you need to count a large number of items, make sure your scale can count parts.


4. Do you need multiple scales?

In order to obtain the best weighing results, it is sometimes necessary to prepare multiple electronic weighing scales. Floor scales have higher capacity and often measure in kilogram increments.



The above selection direction and relevant characteristics of the weighbridge are very practical. If you want to buy such goods, please consult us.

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