How to Choose Body Fat Scale?

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As we all know, nowadays, the development of digital body weight scale is becoming more and more versatile. The emergence of smart weight scale and body fat scale witnessed this development. The number on the scale does not uniquely determine a person's overall health. But it can regularly monitor our living conditions and track any major changes.


Over the years, the development of digital bathroom scales has not only provided us with weight information, but also provided more information including body fat percentage and muscle mass.


The body fat weight scale uses the electrode pads on the surface of the scale body to contact the user's legs and pass a certain safe current to measure the body resistance. Then based on the input user data and the measured body resistance. Using the formula obtained in a wide range of experiments, it can accurately measure body composition such as body fat percentage, body water percentage, body muscle percentage, and bone weight.



How to Choose a Body Fat Scale?


1. Product material and design

At present, there are two body designs used in body fat scales on the market. One is semi-closed, the back only wraps the circuit, and the rest are exposed. The other is the use of an integrated closed body. This body design can well protect the components of the scale, and is more stable and improve the service life.


This weighing scale for human adopts ABS integrated closed body and USB charging design. It supports fitness APP live video fitness guidance and can measure 30 functional data.


2. Measurement method

The weighing machine with body fat measurement has 2 measurement methods, including single frequency measurement and dual frequency measurement. The body fat rate measured by dual-frequency measurement technology is more accurate. At present, most brand body fat scales use dual-frequency measurement.


3. Measurable index items

Each analog bathroom scale can measure different body indicators.


4. Supportable APP

The smart body fat scale can support the connection to the mobile APP. There are various additional functions in the APP, such as data recording, social circles, indicator analysis and so on. Different apps have different functions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a body fat scale that can connect to multiple fitness apps.


The smart body fat scale needs to download the APP. When adding a device, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and click on the body fat scale to activate the binding. You need to enter gender, birthday, and height data in the APP operation interface, and then you can directly experience it on the scale. In the main interface, click the weighing button or directly load the scale.


After the body fat rate data appears on the body fat scale, the APP will receive all the measurement data, including 11 items such as weight, body fat rate, basic metabolism, BMI, and body water. If you really want to use a smart scale to understand your body, please try to choose according to the above conditions, which will allow you to get the product you like to the greatest extent.

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