How to Choose a Floor Scale to Maximize Benefits?

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It is difficult for us to use large floor scales in daily life, because most people do not need to weigh very heavy objects. But in the manufacturing industry or the express company, the role of floor scales is absolutely beyond doubt. Components and products in this industry are in large quantities, so small weighing equipment cannot meet the requirements. At present, many advanced industrial floor scales can not only weigh things but also measure important product parameters such as volume and pressure. In other words, floor scales can be called one of the indispensable tools in various industrial operations. Industrial floor scales make it easier to monitor quality control, coordinate transportation and logistics weight, and various other measurement-based operations.

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Different Types of Industrial Floor Scales

The most basic floor scales are generally only used as weighing instruments for bulky goods. Although this simple device cannot achieve multi-functional measurement, it can bear a weight of 20,000 pounds, which is enough to solve most of the weighing problems.


Lifting scale is a relatively advanced weighing equipment. It can be lifted and lowered freely according to different weighing requirements. It can also allow cleaning personnel to clean the bottom at any time to keep the scale clean and accurate. If you need a scale that can work in a humid or perishable environment for a long time, then this stainless steel floor scale can be your first choice.


The portable industrial platform scale is a thinner platform. On the one hand, it has a load-bearing capacity similar to other ground scales, and on the other hand, because it is relatively thin, this scale can be folded up when not in use. This not only saves space but also improves the utilization rate of the scale.


The high-precision floor scale is a weighing device that focuses on accuracy. Even for large cargo, this floor scale can clearly measure some small problems. But because these scales provide detailed measurement details, they are usually limited to lighter weights. Therefore, do not add too many goods to it at once, which may reduce its accuracy.


Each type of industrial scale is most suitable for a specific purpose or business scope. Some models also include other features to allow a wider range of industrial measurements.



Choose a Floor Scale According to the Situation

Many goods in most factories are moved by forklifts and jacks. For this type of goods, lifting scales and U-shaped scales are usually the more popular choices, because this type of scale can more conveniently place the goods in a suitable position for weighing.


For remote operations or small companies with limited space and resources, the portable industrial scale is flexible.


For the food industry, high-precision floor scales help accurately measure chemicals and food ingredients. At the same time, food, medical and cosmetic manufacturers and researchers can also better maintain sanitary conditions with lifting scales.


Corrosive materials, corrosive atmosphere, humidity and abnormal temperature can impair the function of the scale. Choose a more robust model, which should be designed with materials that can resist corrosion and physical damage, such as stainless steel scales.

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