How to Choose an Industrial Scale?

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We can find many kinds of industrial weighing scales on the Internet, and every manufacturer will say that he is the best manufacturer in the industry. But how do we choose an industrial weighing machine? In fact, when purchasing, we should always remember one question, can this scale meet all my needs? We can choose the right industrial scale through the following aspects.



What Are We Going to Weigh with Industrial Scale?

In different industries, the items weighed by industrial floor scales are different. It is obvious that there is no universal industrial scale that can weigh all kinds of things. Moreover, some certain working environments require specially designed industrial scales.


To determine which scale you should buy, you must first determine what you want to weigh with an electronic weighing balance, and then you can eliminate some unsuitable options and narrow the scope of choices.



Types of Industrial Scales

Most manufacturers of industrial scales provide many types of industrial scale options, with various styles, sizes and structures. The type of industrial platform scale that suits us depends on the object we want to weigh and the location of the weighing.



Maximum Capacity, Readability and Construction

After deciding which industrial counting scales are more suitable for weighing applications, you can consider more specific details including maximum capacity, accuracy, and proportional construction.


1.Maximum Capacity

We recommend buying an industrial digital scale that fits the load type you may plan to weigh most often. Certain types of scales are more sensitive to overload and shock than others. Therefore, when purchasing, you can buy an industrial scale with a maximum capacity greater than the load weight you plan to weigh, but there is no need to buy an industrial scale with a maximum capacity much greater than the maximum you plan to weigh, which will cause a waste of money and space. Before buying an industrial scale, it is important to understand how much weight the scale can bear and how much overload it can bear.

 industrial digital scale


The measurement accuracy of an industrial digital weighing scale is related to the maximum capacity of the scale. Generally, when the maximum capacity of the scale is higher, the accuracy of the scale is lower. Figuring out your need for accuracy before buying so that you can better choose the industrial scale.



Working Environment of Industrial Scales

After determining the type, size and accuracy of the industrial scale, you need to choose a suitable weighing scale for industrial use according to the working environment of the industrial scale. If the industrial scale will be located in an environment with extremely high safety requirements, an explosion-proof scale is a must. This kind of scale is used to work under low voltage and run on battery power without any external power cord, thereby reducing the danger.



In order to buy the best industrial counting scales, you need to make sure that the scale you plan to buy can weigh everything you need to weigh. Exclude and choose from the above aspects, we hope you can choose the suitable industrial scale.

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