How to Choose and Use a Kitchen Scale?

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The kitchen weighing scale, as the name suggests, is a tool for accurately measuring the weight of food ingredients used in cooking. Kitchen scales are generally made of ABS or AAS plastic and stainless steel. Electronic kitchen scales may also use tempered glass. Because tempered glass is easy to clean, it is generally used as the tray part of the kitchen scale. You can choose the appropriate range and accuracy according to your requirements.


Classification of Kitchen Scales


According to the purpose, it is mainly divided into household kitchen scales and hotel kitchen scales.


According to the sensor points, it is mainly divided into electronic kitchen scales and mechanical kitchen scales.


According to food raw materials, it is mainly divided into liquid measuring kitchen scale and quality measuring kitchen scale.


According to the finished food products, it is mainly divided into Western-style pastry kitchen scales and Chinese food kitchen scales.


Like general scales, kitchen scales also use electronic sensing or spring expansion to determine the quality. In comparison, the accuracy of electronic sensing is higher than that of spring measurement. Knowing the classification of kitchen scales helps us choose a kitchen scale that suits us. General household kitchen scales require lower accuracy than those used in hotels. The Chinese-style measuring accuracy is lower than that of Western-style.



How to Use a Kitchen Scale?

1. First of all put the digital kitchen weighing scale on a horizontal desktop, and then turn it on. Keep it away from the mobile phone and computer radiation by about 50 cm. The airflow should not be too large. Don't face objects with large airflow such as air conditioners and electric fans. After powering on, it shows 0g (0.0g or 0.00g), then put the item on and weigh it.


2. Use the product on a stable and windless level. And the maximum weighing should not exceed +2% of its maximum range. The excessive load will permanently damage the digital weighing scale. Do not expose to extremely cold or extremely hot environments. The product can work well in a normal environment. Please allow the product to adapt to a new environment for at least one hour before use. The items should be gently placed on the pan when weighing to avoid inaccurate weighing or damage to the internal parts of the scale. Before use, turn on the machine and use a weight to weigh several times to warm up the internal components of the scale, which will make the weighing more accurate. Because this product is a high-precision product, be very careful when using it to avoid vibration or falling. To put the kitchen electronic scale in a clean environment, dust, moisture, vibration, airflow, or electromagnetic interference will adversely affect the stability and accuracy of the product.


3. The internal core components of the health sense kitchen weighing scale are damaged due to the wrong operation (for example, impact, drop or overload), try to re-calibrate. If the sensor is not severely damaged, it can be used after recalibration.

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