How to Clean the Scales Thoroughly?

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In some environments, your electronic digital weighing scale may get dirty because you need to weigh something, so you need to clean it up timely and reasonably. Now I will introduce some cleaning knowledge about the smart digital scale.



Figure out What IP Rating Means

Some large weighing machines often appear in harsh environment (such as humid or industrial environment). In order to ensure that your weight weighing machine can be used for a longer time, you need to keep it clean and avoid pollution.


Such large commercial weighing scales are generally waterproof, and their IP rating (dust and waterproof rating of the shell) can be used to determine the cleaning method of the scale. The two digits after IP indicate the protection index for solids and liquids. In the two digit scale, the first digit is 6, which means that the scale is dustproof and can completely prevent particles from entering. The second number can range from 1 (dripping for 10 minutes) to 9 (powerful high-temperature nozzle), which is the cleaning level that the scale can withstand.


When you use a large scale that can be cleaned, you will definitely want to buy a scale that is very easy to clean, but how to maintaining this scale requires certain methods. Now let's learn some skills to keep the large scale clean and in good working condition.



1. The electronic scale which can be washed doesn't mean it is waterproof.

Regardless of the IP rating of the scale, you can't completely immerse it in water. Even if the IP rating is very high, you can just stay it in the water for a short time, but we do not recommend that you put it in intentionally. When cleaning scales, immersing them in water can not clean the dirt on the electronic scale well, it is not worth your risk to immerse the electronic scale in water. So you just need to wash the scales with water after cleaning them.



2. Before cleaning the best digital weighing scale, you need to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

When you buy an table top weighing scale for the first time, the manufacturer will provide you with a description of the plot. You can read this carefully. If you don't have these instructions, you can contact the manufacturer.



3. When cleaning your electronic weighing balances, you should not add any irritant detergent.

You only need to wash the scale with a wet cloth dipped with neutral soap solution or neutral detergent, because rough detergent may damage the scale components. At the same time, you should make sure that all residual detergent on the scale is thoroughly washed out after cleaning.



4. You should choose the right cleaning solution.

If your scale is used in an industrial environment, you need to buy a strong sterilization type of cleaning solution to wash away dirt and effectively sterilize. If your electronic scale is used in the food industry, you can buy some mild detergent, doing simple cleaning and anti-virus with alcohol. After you have cleaned the scale, you should make a final inspection to make sure that there are no missing debris or cleaning products on your electronic scale.


It can be seen that scales of different grades and uses cannot be cleaned using the same method. Our company has various types of scales and hopes to provide guidance for your scale maintenance while meeting your needs.

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