How to Connect the Scale to the Computer?

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Computers help us exchange ideas and information with each other, and can also help us analyze all kinds of complex data.


The body weight scale measures the user's weight, and has no other monitoring, data analysis and other functions. The body fat scale uses the BIA bioelectrical impedance method, which integrates body measurement, body fat monitoring and other functions. Smart scales can quickly analyze your BMI. This can synchronize your weight and health information to a private health center by connecting to WiFi. The smart digital scale can automatically remind you to weigh, and the alarm will automatically stop after you have finished your weight. The following notes can help you better understand how to link the scale to the computer.



Buy a Scale with Connectivity

With all the advancements in computer and electronic scale technology, a lot of information can be stored on the computer. However, there is no perfect way to store the weight information received by all types of industrial digital scales on a computer. The connection option you choose will depend on where the scale is, how you plan to use the scale, and how you want to access the information passed between the scale and the computer.


There are various types of scales including ultra-precision scales, veterinary and livestock scales, corrosion-resistant scales, industrial scales, laboratory scales, and electronic platform scales. It is important to ensure that the required scale has the required connection function.



Take Advantage of the Free USB Software Package

Generally, free USB remote software packages are provided for all customers. After downloading this software, the customer imports the weight data into Excel spreadsheet or Access database. This software allows users to access, monitor and control the scale from a connected computer. USB Remote Software can connect up to 10 USB scale indicators to a computer.


After downloading the software package, a panel similar to the electronic scale panel will appear on the computer screen. The buttons on the screen are the same as those displayed on the scale indicator. Users can control the smart weigh digital scale from the computer by clicking the key on the computer screen.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for sharing and storing data. The following solutions are available to solve the problem.


USB. This is a communication protocol that can be found in almost all computers and devices connected to the computer. Similarly, the digital scale indicator can be designed via a USB port, and connect a computer to your scale via USB remote software and a standard USB cable.


Wi-Fi. The Ethernet/Wi-Fi option keeps your workstation in place and can be extended with your company’s local wired network or through a Wi-Fi network. By using the Wi-Fi option, you will be able to access the bluetooth weight scale from anywhere in the world 7 days a week. This can give feedback on your weight changes in time, allowing you to make reasonable adjustments.


U Disk. This is suitable for using the smart electronic weighbridge in other remote locations. Once the scale cannot be connected to the computer, you just need to insert the USB flash drive into the USB thumb drive port and start downloading weight data through the scale indicator control.



If you are not sure what you are looking for, or need to make some tailor-made modifications to our existing designs, we will be happy to help you. To learn more about our scales and the different connection options we offer, please contact us now!

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