How to Maintain Electronic Scales?

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Electronic scales need to use modern sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology integration of electronic weighing device to meet and solve the real life "fast, accurate, continuous, automatic" weighing requirements. At the same time, the digital scale machine can effectively eliminate human error, making it more in line with the application requirements of legal measurement management and industrial production process control. This paper mainly analyzes the electronic scale fault inspection method and daily maintenance and repair.


Maintenance Steps

Before using the electronic scale, you must be familiar with the product manual and technical manual of the weighman digital scale, and you can use it only after confirming that it is correct.

1. After you cut off the power supply of the bluetooth digital scale, unplug the power cord and clean the whole electronic scale. Then you need to use gauze to dip in a little neutral cleaning solution, and use gauze to clean the scale, monitor and other parts.


2. If the electronic scale is not used for a long time, you can put it into a plastic bag and put in the desiccant, and take out the dry battery in the digital weight machine.


3. You need to check the sensor of the electronic digital weight machine regularly to check whether it is damp, whether it is oxidized, whether there are foreign matters, dust, etc. in the position of the moving parts. If you find some abnormalities, you must clean up these foreign matters in time. Because these foreign bodies may cause the weighing body to jam, resulting in inaccurate weighing.


Usage Process

In life, whether it is a weight scale or an item scale, it is very common, because we need a measuring object to help us weigh all kinds of things. 1. If you are using a scale, you need to pay attention that the scale may lose a little weight when weighing. You need to leave the scale on the ground for a while before you use it. If you don't want a weightless scale, you can balance it at the beginning of placing it so that you can use it as you like.


2. If you buy a small item weighing device, you can touch it with your hand a few times before using it to detect its sensitivity, press the lower left or right corner of the electronic scale, and then start to place items for weighing. Because the sensitivity of a small electronic scale needs to be very high, you can test it before using it.


3. If your small electronic scale weighs out the wrong number, you need to think about whether it is a measurement error. Because the electronic scale has three weighing methods: kg, st and IB. When your electronic scale does not select the scale of kg, you can't weigh out the items of this unit, so you can press a small black spot on one side of the electronic scale and manually adjust it to kg.


4. When your electronic scale is not in good contact, you can take out the battery and reload it later. This operation seems to be very simple, but sometimes it works very well, because sometimes it may be the poor contact of the battery, resulting in the electronic scale can not work. So when your electronic scale suddenly fails to work, please try to replace a new pair of batteries.

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