How to Weigh the Disabled?

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Disabled persons are a category of people that cannot be ignored in social groups. Whether in a nursing home or a hospital, most of them have limited mobility. Under such circumstances, monitoring their weight at all times has become the most important thing, after all, weight can intuitively reflect whether the person has a hidden danger to health. So how do you weigh people who cannot stand or have inconvenient legs? The following three methods can solve it.



1. Weighing Them in Chair Scales

First, before the patient sits on the digital weighing scale, the switch needs to be turned on. Press Zero to reset the scale if a figure other than 0.0 kg is displayed. Next, the patient should be placed in the chair body weight scale. If they are laid on a bed, the wheelchair needs to be pushed close. Then you need to apply the brakes so that the wheelchair cannot move. If the patient is not strong enough to lift themselves into a sitting position, please place one hand under the patient’s legs and the other under their back, and slowly raise them up. To make it easier when transferring the patient from the bed to the chair scale, hinged armrests can be placed in an upright position.Please pay attention to ensure that the patient has their feet positioned on the footrests and the arms on the armrests. The weight will appear on the indicator at the back of the chair.



2. Weighing in a Wheelchair

A wheelchair scale is convenient in that the patient can stay in their own wheelchair; however, wheelchair electronic weighing machine are less portable. To begin with, you will need to remove the weight of the wheelchair from the electronic weighing scale’s reading using Tare. This can be done by pushing the empty wheelchair onto the best weight scale and pressing Tare. Remove the wheelchair from the best digital scale and a minus reading will be displayed. When the wheelchair and the patient are rolled back onto the best body weight scale, only the patient’s weight will be displayed. Alternatively, you can use Preset Tare if you already know the wheelchair weight.



3. Weighing in a Bed

smart weight scales are ideal for patients who are bedbound and unable to move. We recommend using Preset Tare if you already know the weight of the bed itself. So you just need to switch the sale on, hold the Tare button for three seconds, and then use the numeric keypad to enter the weight of the bed. Press Tare to confirm the value. Then, roll the patient in the bed onto the scale, ensuring all four castors are positioned on a pad. The weight of the patient only will be displayed. Simply switch the weighing machine for body weight on, and slowly wheel the bed on the mechanical weighing machine. Again use the Tare or Preset Tare function to take away the weight of the bed.


All three methods is as above, we hope it helps you know how to weight someone who can not stand.

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