Is the Data Measured on the Scale Worthy of Confidence?

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The role of the body weight scale is mainly manifested in its essential purpose. It can accurately weigh the body's weight, and through daily weight changes, it reflects the weight control situation during a certain period of time. Weight control is the basis of health management. Therefore, it is best for modern people to have a weight scale in each family to grasp the weight of the whole family. This is a very important item to ensure the health of the whole family.


Nowadays, there are various types of weight scales, such as electronic weighing machines, body fat weight scales, bluetooth weight scales and digital body weight scales.


The weighing machine for bodyweight clinically mainly records and monitors the bodyweight change, which is divided into electronic and mechanical types. The new product can detect fat content. This so-called new product is a weighing scale with a body fat analyzer. Next, let us understand the difference between this professional scale and ordinary household scale. Many people will want to know which of the two is more credible.



Differences between Body Fat Scale and Weight Scale


1. Different Methods of Use

People who use the body fat scale must be barefoot and in contact with the metal sheet or conductive film to measure other data. Some intelligent body fat scales also need to hold the measuring stick with both hands, and then enter detailed data such as gender, height, weight, and age. The scale only needs to balance your feet when you stand up to ensure the accuracy of the value.



2. Different Measurement Data

In addition to bodyweight, the body fat scale can also measure body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, etc. data. When a certain frequency electrical signal passes through the human body, the fat part has a higher impedance than muscle and other human tissues. Muscle contains a lot of water and other water, which can conduct electricity, but fat does not. Because the conductor of the current in the body is muscle, the content of fat, muscle, and other components can be measured from the difficulty of passing the current.


The function of the weight scale is mainly manifested in its essential purpose. It can accurately weigh the body's weight and reflect the weight control status of a certain period of time through daily weight changes.



3. Different in Tendency

Body fat scales tend to be healthier, while BMI weighing scales tend to be physique. If you pay more attention to health maintenance, it is recommended to choose a body fat scale, but if you just want to measure your weight simply, it is recommended to choose a weight measuring machine.



4. Different Prices

Relatively speaking, body fat scales are more expensive than precision weighing scales because body fat scales measure more data.


Whether it is a weight scale or a body fat scale, as an effective health tool, both can promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Regarding the question of accuracy, you don't need to be too entangled. Because you use them for vertical comparison.


If you pay special attention to the data measured by the body fat scale, we don't need to be too entangled in the accuracy of this data. Even if a qualified body fat scale cannot measure the exact fat content of our body. Therefore, we can pay more attention to the purchase and do not be overly demanding.


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