Is the Frequency of Changing the Scale Fixed?

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If you are very concerned about health or weight, then you will be very aware of the love-hate relationship with the digital bathroom scale. However, a trusted smart weight scale or body fat weight scale is like a good friend who is not afraid to tell you the truth.


However, like everything else, the accurate bathroom scale will fail due to many factors. In view of this, we think about how long the bathroom scale can last.


Different Types of Weight Scales

There are two main types of bathroom scales. One is the traditional bathroom scale, also known as mechanical weighing scale or analog weighing scale. The second is the digital body weight scale or electronic bathroom scale.


The analog bathroom scale points to a rotating dial with a scale line, and the dial is stationary on a straight line reflecting your weight. The digital bathroom scale has a liquid crystal display screen, which displays your weight in decimal integers. Compared with analog scales, the data of digital scales are more trustworthy.


Electronic bathroom scales may provide you with information such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, weight, and metabolic age based on weight measurement. The digital bathroom scale is also equipped with smart features such as Bluetooth or WiFi connection, automatic user identification and smart application synchronization.


The principle of measuring body fat is that fat does not conduct electricity, and the "resistance" of each part of the body is also different. According to the data, the content of each part of your body can be measured.


Although digital scales have the upper hand over analog scales in terms of accuracy and additional functions, analog scales have a longer life span.



The Time the Scale Can Last

In fact, there is no complete answer template for this question. But two factors will determine its service life.


One is the quality of materials and manufacturing. Obviously, the material and structure are directly proportional to the service life of the bathroom scale. In general, it is necessary to check the warranty clauses attached before purchasing a durable bathroom scale.


The second consideration is handling. If you want to get rid of the worries on the scale, then prepare to buy a scale every week.



Signs of Changing the Scale

1. The reading is incorrect. Look for something with absolute weight to test the power of the scale, such as a 1 kg dumbbell.


2. Inconsistent readings. Once you find that your weight is too different from the weight on other scales, you must be very vigilant. In addition, if you want to test the body fat percentage, it is normal that there are differences between the scales.


Read the display failure. Whether it is a trigger reading or a reading that is barely visible, it may mean that there is an electronic fault. Please try to replace the battery.

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