Making Method Of Electronic Scales

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This paper focuses on the design and manufacture of a multifunctional electronic scale. The components used in this design are close to the degree of integration, and the electronic weighing scale uses low-power CHMOS integrated circuit. In order to read more clearly, the electronic scale adopts 16 bit led, which can display weight, unit price and total amount at the same time, making the displayed figures more intuitive and clearer.


Because this electronic weighing machine adopts digital technology, it can easily peel and track the measured objects. Enough linearization is given to the sampled nonlinear objects to make the measurement results accurate and reliable.


Working Principle

The equipment in electronic pricing scale can be basically classified into sensor, amplifying circuit, A/D conversion circuit, display circuit and keyboard switch circuit. The weight signal of the sensor is converted into the corresponding voltage signal. After amplification, the signal is sent to the A/D conversion circuit. Under the control of MCU, the analog voltage signal is converted into digital signal.


The working principle of the sensor of the electronic scale is that the weight of the weighed object deforms the metal elastomer, which causes the unbalance of an electric bridge pasted on the elastomer, and then inputs a voltage signal. The magnitude of the voltage signal is directly proportional to the weight applied. The weight signal is amplified, and then the amplified signal is sent to the A / D conversion circuit for conversion.


The working principle of digital weighing scale is similar, simply speaking, it is a reasonable conversion from analog signal to digital signal, and the analog signal needs to be converted into digital signal through sampling, quantization and other ways to output.


System Debugging

When you buy a new electronic scale, you need to adjust your electronic scale well. Because once you debug it inaccurately, you may lose some items and customers. In the first test, you can take the curve coefficient value in the program as 1, that is, you can imagine that the curve is a straight line. Then you put the weight of the largest range on the scale, adjust the amplifier of the front stage to make the display show the weight, remove the weight, and then gradually increase the weight from the minimum value. At the same time, you need to record the weight of the added weight and the corresponding display value. Through these data, you can draw a curve, calculate the slope of each segment, and calculate the correction coefficient, so as to debug the program. You can do this process a few more times to make the digital weighing machine more accurate.



1. The electric weight machine has no display after startup. You need to check whether the AC power supply has 6.3V. If not, the fuse or transformer may be burnt out.


2. The electronic measuring scale displays but it is not normal. This phenomenon may be your preamplifier problem, you can replace a new preamplifier.


3. The weight value is unstable. This phenomenon may be caused by capacitor leakage.


4. The display of the electronic scale is abnormal or the key is out of order. In this case, there may be something wrong with the pressure gauge. You can choose to check whether the pressure gauge of the button is damaged.



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