Should I Choose a Digital Scale or a Manual Scale?

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Electronic Scale

The electronic platform scale is composed of a load-bearing platform, scale body, weighing sensor, weighing display, and regulated power supply. During weighing, the weight of the measured object is converted into an electrical signal by the weighing sensor, amplified by an operational amplifier, and processed by a single-chip microprocessor. Finally, the weighing value is displayed in digital form. The electronic beam balance can be placed on the hard ground or installed in the foundation pit, which has the characteristics of lightweight, convenient movement, multi-function, cable connection between the display and the scale body, and can be placed according to the needs. In addition to the functions of weighing, peeling weight, and cumulative weight, the electronic counting scale can also be connected with the actuator, set the upper and lower limits to control the feeding speed, and can be used as a small package batching scale or quantitative scale. There are four points for attention in the use of electronic digital weighing scales:


  • Preheat in advance. Electronic balance usually needs to be preheated before use, so you can preheat according to the requirements of the balance manual and extend the preheat time if necessary. In fact, the measurement performance of the electronic hanging scale cannot be guaranteed immediately, so the preheating of the electronic balance is the key to accuracy.

  • Environmental conditions. Environmental conditions are also an important factor affecting the measurement performance of electronic weighing scales. If there is no special temperature limit specified in the operation manual of the electronic balance, the balance shall work normally under the temperature condition of - 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; if there is a special temperature limit specified in the operation manual, the balance shall work under the specified temperature condition. Besides, the electronic balance also has requirements on the humidity of the environment. For example, the relative humidity of grade I balance is not more than 80%.

  • Horizontal state. The general high-precision electronic balance is equipped with a evel adjustment device and level, so you should often check the level of the balance. In fact, some users often neglect to check the horizontal state of the balance, which is also the main reason for inaccurate balance data.

  • Calibration at any time. Due to the changes in environmental conditions and human factors, the measurement performance of electronic weighing machines often changes slightly, which requires us to calibrate it in daily use. Generally, the weight for the calibration should be selected with the error not more than 1 / 3 of the maximum allowable error of the balance and should be sent to the quality supervision department for regular inspection.


The accurate digital scale has a simple structure and accurate measurement, which can be placed and used as long as it has a flat and solid scale frame or ground. The model of portable digital scale consists of TGT, three Chinese Pinyin letters, and a group of Arabic numerals. The letters T, G, and T represent platform scale, lever structure, and weight increasing type respectively, while Arabic numerals represent the maximum weight (kg). The main models of digital measuring scales are TGT-50, TGT-300, TGT-500 and TGT-1000.



Mechanical Platform Scale

The mechanical platform scale works by the principle of unequal arm lever, which is composed of the load-bearing device, reading device, base lever, and scale body. The basic lever is connected by a long lever and a short lever in parallel. The force transmission system during weighing is as follows:


  • When the weighted object is placed on the bearing plate, the four components of the weighed object act on the long lever and the short lever.

  • The connecting hook of the long lever transmits the force to the key knife of the measuring lever.

  • The measurement lever is balanced by manually increasing and decreasing the weight and moving the weight, which is called the mass indication.



If you have other questions about electronic scales and mechanical scales, please consult us.

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