Should Weight Scales Be Abandoned?

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Do you weigh yourself every day? Do the numbers on your digital weighing machine make you sad? In fact, the numbers on the scale do not represent your physical condition and health. If you are dieting just to make yourself thinner, your health will be affected even if you lose weight. In fact, if you exercise seriously, your weight may rise, but this is actually an increase in your muscle mass, which means you are healthier.


Generally, all women want to keep in a better shape in front of the mirror. But most women have a distorted view of themselves, focusing on the areas they do not like. Many women only pay attention to the body weighing scale. The balance weight scale should never be your only tracking device.


A study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders showed that the long-term effects of a very low-calorie diet. When 27 people followed a very strict meal plan, they lost an average of 19 pounds in eight weeks. But the problem is that every 13 pounds of fat they lost, they lost 6 pounds of muscle! Among 19 pounds lost, 32 percent was beneficial to a strong body. Without doubt, digital body scale showed a lower number, but they had lean muscle atrophy, becoming weaker and decreasing their metabolism.


The conclusion was that, exercise without weight loss is associated with substantial reduction in total and abdominal obesity-further, and demonstrated that weight scale machine does not have to go down for you to become healthier.


By focusing on building power-generating muscle for running (instead of your weight), you will not only improve your speed but also decrease your risk of injuries. Every step you take running, you'll have the strength to support your joints for miles.



Therefore, what you should do is not to throw away your personal weighing machine, but to take the weighing seriously. The electronic scale shows your weight, not your figure and health. Buying weighing machine online is not outdated. Using electronic scales to monitor your weight and make appropriate exercise adjustments, you will become healthier. Start to completely solve your fitness and nutrition problems, the goal is to completely reshape your body to obtain healthy body composition, and stop looking for the "perfect" number.

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