Steel Floor Scale and Stainless Steel Floor Scale: Which Is Better?

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Electronic floor scales are industrial scales that weigh large objects with a weighing capacity of kilograms and tons. They usually consist of three parts: scale body, sensor and instrument. There are load-bearing trays or metal plates on the fixed base. The different functions of the scale are generally realized by the instrument of the scale. Common functions include weighing, counting, connecting to a computer, printing scales, explosion-proof, and waterproof. There are also some more special functions including quantitative control of switching valves and upper and lower limit sound and light alarms.


In general, they refer to any type of weighing machine that runs on the floor, including electronic platform scale, industrial pallet scale and pallet beams. Scales are widely used in warehouses, workshops, freight yards, and markets. Floor weighing scales are suitable for weighing lifting goods, weighing goods carried by forklifts, and weighing goods carried by trolleys.



Industrial Scale


Industrial floor scales have various sizes and capacities to meet various industrial production, storage, weighing and transportation needs.


These scales can be used for steel structures and are coated with a special zinc-rich epoxy resin to prevent rust in humid environments. In addition, stainless steel floor scales can be used in corrosive environments.


High-quality components make these scales perform better in harsh conditions. Floor scales are commonly used in industrial refrigerators or thermal warehouses. In view of this, you can also add ramps to increase safety and convenience. Generally, a portable industrial scale has a large graphic LCD digital display that can help you record relevant weight and other data in real time.



Industrial Use of Floor Scales


In the food industry, operators use these scales to handle liquids, powders and other materials. The combination of various types of scales can help you weigh any cans, barrels, cartons, boxes or any other types of containers that you may use in your business premises. In the cosmetics industry and many other areas, these digital pallet scales and precision electronic scales can also be used for counting.



Best Industrial Floor Scale

1. Stainless steel industrial digital floor scale with LED display. Stainless steel contains chromium and other elements in a complex alloy with iron, so it has corrosion resistance and does not suffer from many problems caused by other types of metals.


Stainless steel industrial scales have the characteristics of stainless steel, with LED display and other functions. This type of scale is designed to make it easier for you to accurately view the content of the weighing and the reading after completion.


2. Steel platform scale with large graphic LED digital display. The steel floor scale with large graphic display function can provide you with a lot of information while keeping a good solid foundation for operation. These scales with graphical indicators can provide real-time data.


It is understood that industrial processes are often fickle. These scales help determine the exact weight at any given time in the manufacturing process. Therefore, we cannot determine exactly which material industrial scale is better. Both of them have their applicable range and accuracy, and blindly judging whether they are good or bad will only make you lose your choice. If you have more questions about the material of the scale, please feel free to contact us.

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