The Function of Platform Scales in Metal Recycling Facilities

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Despite some problems with counterfeit currency trading in China and policy changes in importing recycled metals or scrap metals, the scrap metal industry still looks strong in the future. Other industrial countries, such as India, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and Germany, continue to buy valuable ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


The world iron and Steel Association estimates that except for China, the growth rate of the global iron and steel industry will remain at a positive slope of 0.9%. The most exciting news is that the industry will grow by 2.8% in 2018 as some developing economies, such as Brazil, see a recovery. It is estimated that the US steel industry will increase exports by US $446 million in 2019.


With the improvement of economy, the demand for building materials and product consumption continues to rise, and the demand for all kinds of metals including recycled scrap metals is increasing. It's a good time to invest in an easy to use, accurate platform scale. So, what is a platform scale and its function?



Platform scale is usually called desk scale or small scale. It is a small scale that can be placed on the top of the workstation or workbench, so it is called platform scale. Electronic platform scale is used for weighing smaller objects and more complex processes, so operators need to keep closer to the platform scale. The platform scale can be used for mixing, weighing, counting and weight checking. The platform is different from the hanging scale, digital bathroom scale, pallet scale and portable scale. But it can be an electronic weighing scale. Fast and accurate weighing, mixing, counting and weighing with industrial platform scale or mobile scale can speed up your process and improve profitability.


By eliminating middlemen and talking directly with manufacturers, we not only position our high-tech durable scale as a more economical model compared with high-tech durable materials, but also provide customized options at prices that are usually not available. Write to us or pick up the phone and tell us your business, we will help you find a high-end scale for your product budget.



Whether you are recycling aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, titanium, nickel or tin, the most important aspect of the scale is handling. Our platform scale is only 17 / 8 "high and has an optional small ramp for easy loading.


Our 3200 series full electronic digital platform scale is durable and has no wearable moving parts. The four stainless steel load cells embedded in the welded frame can withstand the impact of the metal recycling plant.


Our company specializes in R & D and production of digital weighing scale, electronic scale, body weight scale, smart weight scale, scale plate and a series of accessories. Our company has strong and advanced technology. With good reputation and warm service, we sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad.

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