The Future of the Industrial Scales

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In 2021, more and more weighing machine manufacturers operations will be transferred overseas. For many companies, it is more and more difficult to find a good quality industrial weighing scales that can improve production times and increase the competitive cost of their products. Although some of the brands are of good quality, they are usually limited by the production standards of their equipment. Therefore,It is not easy for these companies seeking the basic industrial weighing machines and manufacturers that can provide affordable customized industrial scale services.

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Latest Progress

With the rapid development of the domestic economy, the domestic industrial floor scale and its accessories industry have also been rapidly improved, automated industrial scales have been widely promoted and applied, and fully automated industrial scales have also emerged. The mechanical scales of factories and mines were changed to electronic industrial scales. In the process of transforming mechanical scales into electronic scales, manufacturers of sensors, meters, and junction boxes as parts manufacturers of electronic industrial scales have developed.


Now standard industrial scale manufacturers have begun to switch to automatic industrial scales and automated transformation industrial scales. With the slogan of Made in China 2025 and German Industry 4.0, the automation products of domestic automated industrial scales will be the mainstream products in the domestic market in the next 20 years. The digital production line that integrates material conveying, batching, mixing, forming, packaging, and palletizing has become an inevitable choice for many large enterprises' industrial production lines.

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The Future Development the Industry

Industrial Scale

Industrial environments require industrial platform scales to be accurate, easy to use, sturdy, durable and versatile. The workbench, platform, floor and cylindrical scales of the latest industrial scales use the best first-class components, including stainless steel load cells, welded frames and advanced digital algorithms.



Ultra-precision Scale

For those industries that require higher accuracy and resolution, ultra-precision industrial digital scales are very important. The magnetic recovery scale is with low maximum capacity, exquisite structure and the high price scale. The SAW ultra-precision scale has no capacity limit and is designed for use in harsh industrial environments, but the cost is lower than that of the MFR scale.


Industrial Scales in Corrosive, Explosive and Flammable Environment

The corrosion-resistant industrial counting scales are made of sturdy welded stainless steel. A unique three-part epoxy coating is used on stainless steel, which gives it excellent chemical resistance. Garnet particles are injected into epoxy resin to enhance scratch resistance and abrasion resistance. The load cell is also made of a special heat-treated stainless steel alloy. These features help to extend the service life in corrosive environments.


There are also explosion-proof weight machines for industrial use that can work in flammable and explosive environments. These explosion-proof scales are inherently safe and can be used in various hazardous areas.



In general, the current development direction of industrial scales is digitization, more diverse functions and more durable. industrial scale manufacturers are constantly using new technologies for brand-new R&D and production.

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