What Are Advantages of Surface Acoustic Wave Scales?

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Nowadays, there are two technologies that dominate the weighing industry — strain gauge scales that provide good accuracy at low costs and force motor scales that provide excellent accuracy at higher costs. Different scales have different functions. For example, the market positioning of electronic bathroom scales and the automatic weighing machine is different.


Electronic scale manufacturers and purchasing managers must consider two main factors when looking for a precise scale: cost and accuracy. When choosing between the two, there is usually a trade-off between the capacity and accuracy of the scale.


However, a third technology is recently launched. The second-generation precision digital scales improve the accuracy at a cost comparable to high-quality strain gauge balances. It is important to first understand the limitations of strain gages so that you can know the advantages of the saw-driven scale.



Strain Gauge Scales

In the past half-century, strain gauge technology has become the industry standard. It is based on the idea that the resistance value changes when the shape of the resistor can change.


Produced from a flat foil material, strain gauges are a type of resistor. The flat foil material is shaped into a long, serpentine path. The gage is carefully bonded to a spring element called a load cell.


When weight is applied to the weighing platform, the spring element will bend. This causes the strain gauge to change shape and increase the resistance of the strain gauge.


The accuracy of these measurements is affected by several factors. The main problem is that the resolution of the electronic scale is related to the capacity of the scale. A scale with a larger capacity is not as accurate as a scale with a smaller capacity. Therefore, the capacity varies from different sizes of scales, such as small digital scale, small electronic weight machine, large floor scale, etc.


As we mentioned above, the accuracy of these measurements is affected by several factors. Here are some factors. The first one is about the load cell. It bends in perfect proportion to the weight applied to it. When weight was removed, it would return to its exact starting position.


Connecting strain gages to load cells can also cause problems. A very thin, smooth layer of glue is important to manufacturing quality. However, even the most careful application is never perfect, because the glue will only make the spring worse. It limits the overall spring characteristics of the load cell and never transmits the precise bending of the load cell to the gauge.


In an ideal situation, the resistance of the gage will only change as the length changes. Resistance is also proportional to length. But in the real world of resistance, there are many other influences at work.


Temperature changes are the most common cause of errors, but microscopic abnormalities and aging processes of measuring tool materials can also cause errors. Therefore, to ensure the accuracy of your scale, you are recommended to choose a high-quality scale produced by our company, such as 4x4 floor scale, home floor scales, outdoor pallet scale, etc.

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