What Are Our Inappropriate Habits for Weighing?

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Many of us want to lose weight. Studies have shown that people who weigh on digital weighing machine regularly are more likely to lose weight than those who weigh less or not at all. In addition, keep track of weight in order to learn about the troughs and peaks of weight, which can help us identify some serious health diseases early such as thyroid problems or diabetes.


But what we need to pay attention to is that drastic changes in weight may be caused by our inappropriate weighing methods. For example,, the same person using the same weight scale machine on soft and hard floors will get different results. So, what are our inappropriate usage habits?



1. Weigh after Taking a Shower

Our weight is not static but fluctuates throughout the day, depending on our eating habits and exercise level. But apart from exercise and diet, bathing can also affect our weight. Nutrition says that after swimming or showering, the body can absorb 1-3 cups of water and increase the real weight by a few pounds.



2. Not Paying Attention to the Average Weekly Weight

When losing weight, many people pay attention to their daily weight. Sometimes when weight loss is slower, they may feel anxious. In fact, we can focus on the average weekly weight. This helps reduce the anxiety caused by the digital weighing scale.



3. Use A Weight Scale that Cannot Calculate all Statistics

In the process of weight loss, sometimes the weight does not change or even increases, so we need to pay attention to data such as body fat rate to comprehensively consider whether our weight loss is successful. Therefore, a digital body fat scale with complete functions and capable of counting various data is very important.



4. The Floor Where the Scale Is Placed Is Inappropriate

Most people will put the body weight machine in the bathroom, but it should be noted that we can not put the body fat weight scale on the soft carpet surface and uneven hard surface, which will affect the weighing result. Hard and flat ground is best for smart weight scale work



5. Too Much Sodium before Weighing

Too much sodium intake will cause the body to retain more water than normal. If we eat some salty foods before going to bed, it may cause the intake of sodium to exceed normal levels. Fast foods, soups, fried foods, bacon, sausages and other processed meats contain a lot of sodium, so ingesting these may cause edema.



6. The Scale Display Is Too Small

Some of the previous electric weight machines have very small display screens, and it becomes difficult to accurately read the numbers and we will even give up losing weight because of this. Therefore, it is best to choose a weight measuring machine with a larger display and clear numbers.



7. Ignore the Menstrual Cycle

If your weight suddenly rises during menstruation, don't worry. Women retain more water before the menstrual cycle begins, and sometimes excessive fluid accumulation can even increase weight by as much as 7-8 pounds.



By avoiding the above common wrong ways of weighing on human weight machine, we can know our weight more accurately and help us lose weight smoothly.

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