What Are the Characteristics of the Tare Feature on Scales?

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When weighing the contents of the container, the total measurement value will be included in the tare weight. The tare function refers to the actual weight of the item, which can be obtained by subtracting the container from the total weight. The peeling function of the kitchen weighing scale can automatically deduct the weight of the container from the whole without the operator's calculation.


Tare weight is also called empty weight. The total weight weighed by the electric weight machine in the container is called gross weight or full load weight. Some items including grains and liquids cannot be weighed loosely on the scale. Operators want to save time in routine activities, especially when processing bulk orders. In the long run, this saves costs and weighs more efficiently.



What Is A Tare Feature?

The tare function is sometimes called the zero net function. After pressing this button, the container will reset the weight displayed on the scale to zero. When you put the item in the container, the scale will weigh it and will not calculate the additional load. The tare function can reduce the weight of the container, thereby improving accuracy.


The function of tare peeling of the digital weighing scale is: after the physical object is peeled, place the container on the weighing instrument carrier, and press the tare button to enter the tare state, which is displayed as "0". Then add a weight to the container to display the weight (net weight) of the weight.


Please note that the tare function is different from the total zero or total zero tare function. This function is applicable when there is no weight on the scale. Different types of scales can use the tare function. These types of scales, including digital platform scales and digital kitchen weighing scales, have to reset their containers frequently.


Hospitals or nursing homes use wheelchairs to weigh patients who cannot sit on a platform scale. Scales with tare feature are suitable for weighing such medical equipment and the weight of patients.


When using the tare function of digital bench scale and electronic digital weight machine, please make sure that the weight or mass of the container and object is within the carrying capacity of the scale.


Compared with digital kitchen weighing machines, many mechanical weighing scales lack tare function. For this type of equipment, the operator must remember to tare and weigh, and then reset it to zero.


With a digital weighing scale for food, the tare function is much simpler. You only need to press a button and the scale will automatically deduct the weight of the container. Digital scales are more convenient for customers. The scales provided by our company can absolutely meet your needs. Welcome to buy.

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