What Are the Types of Industrial Floor Scales?

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Industrial floor scale is the main weighing equipment used by factories, mines, merchants, etc. for bulk goods measurement. Industrial weighing scale has many uses. It can be used for quality control inspections of mass-produced products, as well as pallet weights for transportation and logistics. Industrial scales for sale are widely used in warehouses, workshops, goods yards, bazaars and other occasions, which are suitable for lifting goods weighing, forklift shoveling goods weighing, and trolley carrying goods weighing.


There are several different types of floor scales, such as U-shaped, low-profile floor scales, and portable floor scales. Next, we will specifically introduce some of the most widely used floor scales.



1. Basic Floor Scale

A basic industrial floor scale may be what you need, but you may need to use stainless steel, smooth plates instead of standard mild steel pedal plates. If you don't have a forklift or a driver who can always place products on the scale, you need to set a ramp for the pallet jack at this time.



2. Low-Profile Floor Scales

They are almost like basic floor scales, except that they are much lower from the ground, making it easier to access the pallet truck. Since the load cells do take up some space, place them in the corners to raise them to normal height.



3. Lift Scales

Not all floor scales are in transportation or discrete production locations.


If you are weighing ingredients or chemicals, a basic or low floor scale may not be the best choice. The industrial hanging scale is suitable for this occasion. This type of scale is designed to lift the top of the deck so that the landing gear can be cleaned easily.



4. Portable Industrial Floor Scales

The portable industrial platform scale uses the same "side rail" design as the static version, but the corner/locking casters move as needed. This type of floor scale is very convenient and portable. You can fix the industrial scale to the forklift frame so that the scale can be easily transported to another location.



5. U-Scales

This type of scale can avoid any trouble or space problems caused by the ramp. It will enable you to turn a raised pallet with a pallet jack to the center of the scale and lower the load to collect weight. U scales can provide larger loads with wide-leg kits, and can even be converted to full floor scales.



6. High Precision Floor Scale

Sometimes you need a high-precision floor scale with higher capacity and higher accuracy. This type of scale can be made of mild steel or stainless steel and retain the same optional accessories.



7. Heavy Capacity Floor Scales

If you want to use a 20,000-pound floor scale, have you considered a heavy-duty floor scale?


These floor scales will be foot-operated, which means that when they are fixed to the ground, they will sit on regular feet. Usually, things with a weight set to 50,000 pounds are easy to move. This is why these are made with bolted foot styles. Without the bracket, the coil scale is incomplete.


In summary, the choice of industrial mechanical scales depends on its use and environment. The above several types of floor scales can be used in different scenarios. If you have other knowledge about the product, you can contact us at any time

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