What Are the Unknown Things about Weighing Animals?

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Weighing animals is very important because it is a symbol of health. Comparing the animal's individual bodyweight with the set median can help determine its weight and status. It also enables the caregiver to determine the amount of food, water, medicine, and exercise that should be accepted. The following methods can help you better weigh animals.



1. How to Weigh Animals?

It is not easy to make animals calm down. Many animals do not cooperate well with weighing work. The scale calculates the average weight based on the force exerted by the animal over a long period of time. Once the internal calculation is completed with a digital weighing balance, it will save the value. In this way, even if the animal is restless or moving around, it can be easily weighed. This also means that there is no need to restrict animals, thereby reducing the pressure on animals and their operators. In fact, dynamic weighing is not only suitable for animals but also often used to measure liquid functions.



2. You Need a Tough Scale

Whether you are weighing small rodents in the laboratory or household pets, you need a sturdy animal scale. Before weighing, you have to prepare tools for cleaning animals, such as claws, dirt, dust, and even water. In addition, shock protection must be done well.


The animal may leave a mess after weighing. In view of this, the scale material should also be considered. The stainless steel scale is rust-proof and easy to wipe. Zoos or farms may have to weigh the weight of animals living in various habitats, so washing or waterproofing digital weighing scale is the right choice. The protection grade of the washing scale is IP66, which can provide advanced protection against water and dust.


In addition, the weight measuring machine may need to be moved to the veterinarian's office, zoo, or carried by a mobile beautician. Using a portable electronic scale can more easily bring the scale to various places. Portable scales that require batteries can be used almost anywhere.



3. You May Need Multiple Scales

Although some professional places may only use a single veterinary scale for one animal, places such as zoos may need to use different types of scales. Large animals are suitable for low platform scales. The mongoose is more than happy to climb or jump on smaller variants, such as bench scales or compact scales. Small animals require precise balances, while giraffes challenge platform or pallet scales.



4. There Are Many Ways to Scale Animals

In order for the weighing process to proceed smoothly, the animals must be adapted to the equipmen. For example, the proximity of food to the scale can encourage animals to approach it. Moreover, it is necessary to show animals that the equipment is not dangerous to them and to be familiar with the weighing process to ensure that they are not under excessive stress. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare mechanical weighing scale and analog weighing machine.



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