What Factors Are Related to the Accuracy and Calibration of the Scale?

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Have you ever doubted the accuracy of your digital bathroom scale? After a week of dieting and exercise, the weight scale has not changed. Are you wondering about the result? Especially for people who want to know the results of weight loss, when the scale cannot reflect our efforts, we habitually think that it is broken. Since most of us want to lose weight, accurate bathroom scales have become our first choice for progress assessment. Calibrating our personal bathroom scale will be an interesting project.


Note on Scales

1. Each scale has an allowable error range. It is necessary to study the allowable error tolerance of the selected brand. There is no industry standard for bathroom scales, and brands do have different tolerances.


2. The life span of the electronic weighing machine may not affect its accuracy. The age of a digital scale has no major influence on its accuracy. Unless it has the following conditions, such as a sudden drop or poor handling, it may still work normally.


3. The brand of the scale will not affect the accuracy of the digital scale. Which is better, a digital weight scale or a body fat scale? This question is universal. Before you make up your mind to buy, you can ask yourself the following questions. Why should I perform weight management? Am I purely to lose weight or do I want to be plastic or become healthier? If it's just to detect your own weight numbers, then a simple weight scale can meet your needs. On the contrary, if you want to know the health status of your body, including coefficients such as fat content, then you need to buy a professional body fat scale, which will give you a clearer understanding of your body.


Therefore, you don't need to blindly pursue big brands, as long as it is a trade-approved product, there will be no major problems. of courseit cannot be denied that higher-priced brands usually have other functions (such as Bluetooth, body fat measurement, etc.).



Calibrate Our Scale

The specific method is as follows, prepare various types of weight scales, from the old-fashioned spring weight machine to the high-end bluetooth bathroom scale. We use a spirit level to ensure that all scales are placed on a flat and hard surface. Then we use certified weights to record the accuracy of scales for various weight intervals.


The most important variable in the results of obtaining correct scale readings is not the manufacturer, model, the internal mechanics of the equipment, or whether the scale is on a level and hard surface. People who use electronic personal scales have the biggest difference in getting accurate readings.


If you stand on the digital weight scale at an angle, you will have more weight with one foot on the other, and your scale will have more difference in readings. It can be seen that the human factor is a variable in obtaining the accurate results of the scale, but we are surprised at how much deviation the weight distribution of the people using it is.



With our well-trained technicians and using the best measurement practices, we can minimize errors. If you choose our products, we will try our best to provide you with the best service.

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