What Should Be noticed When Using Desk Scale, Platform Scale, and Floor Scale?

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In order to keep the accuracy and correct indication of the scale, platform scale, and industrial floor scale, they should be verified regularly according to the verification cycle and be maintained as necessary. Besides, you should pay attention to the following points in use:


  • The desk scale, digital platform scale, and floor scale shall be kept and operated by special personnel.

  • When the scale is not in use, the thallium should be placed at the zero points of the scale and you should close the stopper on the reading device to keep the main measuring rod in a fixed position.

  • Before using, you should check whether the floor weighing scale is placed horizontally, whether the scale legs are in place, and whether the wheels touch the ground at the same time.

  • Check whether the force transfer ratio on the quantitative thallium increment is consistent with that of the lever system of the scale used and whether the non-quantitative thallium increment is matched with the scale used.

  • Check whether the power supply of electromechanical combined scale and electronic compact scale is abnormal and whether the digital display is correct.

  • When using, you should first adjust the scale to balance or zero under the empty accurate digital scale and close the stop on the reading device.

  • The object to be weighed should be gently placed in the center of the scale or platform, which is not allowed to be replayed or thrown. The object to be weighed should not be allowed to lean on the column of the digital balance scale or touch the ground. When placing or taking down the object to be weighed, the knife and the knife holder should be in an isolated state.

  • The weight of the object to be weighed shall not exceed the limit of the portable digital scale and be less than one-twentieth of the limit.

  • After each reading of the weighing results, you should close the stop on the reading device.

  • During weighing, you are not allowed to move the adjustment thallium, balance thallium, lever arm, regulator, switches, knobs, and other mechanical parts of the digital spring balance.

  • After each weighing, you should check again whether the empty scale is balanced or whether the zero point is correct. Only when the balance performance and zero point of the empty scale before and after weighing are consistent, can you consider the weighing result valid.

  • When weighing continuously, you should readjust the balance and zero point of the precision digital scale after every 10 ~ 20 times of weighing.

  • When weighing at night, it should be done with good lighting equipment.

  • If you find that the scale is inaccurate, the machine parts are damaged, or the pit foundation is deformed and sunk, you should stop using it immediately.

  • You should always clean the electronic platform scale to keep it clean and dry, while the pit foundation of the scale should not accumulate dirt and muddy water. After weighing corrosive materials, you should clean the scale immediately.


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