What Should I Pay Attention to When Using Postal Scales?

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A postal scale is a small scale used in the postal department, which can be divided into letter scale, mechanical package scale, and electronic platform scale according to its structure and function.



Mechanical Parcel Scale

The mechanical package scale can weigh the quality of packages and indicate the required postage, and it is composed of scale body, bearing lever, bearing plate, quadrant bar, damper, and indicating device. The precision digital scale is based on the principle of automatic balance of tilting lever torque. When the package is placed on the load-bearing platform, the load-bearing lever transfers the gravity to the quadrant bar in the stable equilibrium state, which makes it rotate around the fulcrum while the center of gravity rises and obtains a new balance. The pointer fixed on the quadrant bar will rotate an angle along with the sector type plate. The scale it indicates is the weight of the package to be weighed and the corresponding digital quantity is the postage.



Electronic Package Scale

After inputting the unit price, the equal digital weighing scale can display or print out the package quality and the required postage,the hardware is similar to the electronic pricing scale. The whole software program consists of startup initialization program, main program loop, function program, and weighing sampling calculation program. During weighing, the staff can put the package on the scale and directly input the unit price and relevant receiving instructions. Then, the electronic body scale can automatically display the unit price (yuan), weight (kg), postage (yuan), and cumulative value. After the package receipt list is sent to the typewriter, the serial number, quality, unit price, postage, date, and staff code can be printed out. Digital floor scale is also equipped with two-way display, whose inner display for the operator and the outer display for the sender.


Digital body weight machine is small, multi-function, high measurement accuracy, easy to operate, and can meet the requirements of receiving and sending parcels, so it will become an important weighing tool in postal business.



Letter Scale

The letter scale can be used to weigh letters, the structural principle is similar to that of the balance digital scale. It is composed of base, bracket, connecting rod, knife rest, adjusting weight, bearing plate, traveling code, scale piece, and increasing weight. Because the center of gravity of the bearing plate is higher than the support and the letter scale will produce instability, so the letter scale composed of connecting rod, pull plate and uses the double fulcrum and double key composite lever to increase the support area, so as to ensure that the bearing plate only swings up and down while weighing and does not dump to the front, back, left, and right directions. This mechanism overcomes the disadvantages of hanging weighing tools that need to be carried by hand and the balance of the electronic digital weighing scale which is affected by the shaking of the scale.


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