What are Basic Functions of Food Scales That You Need to Consider?

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Baking enthusiasts and chefs are more inclined to professional kitchen scales and weighing scales for baking. If the scale used to measure ingredients reads incorrectly, it may affect the quality of the food. After all, no one wants to eat too sweet biscuits and bread that can be thrown as a shot. Depending on your application, there are also multiple-function scales that can help reduce human error. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right scale according to your needs.



Readability of Food Scales

Whether we can read the value efficiently depends on the position of the screen. The ideal placement of the screen will make the weight clear and easy to read when using the scale. Therefore, the display not only needs to be large enough, but it also needs to have sharp color contrast, large numbers and backlight options. According to your needs, digital cooking scales and electronic kitchen weighing scales are good choices.




Capacity of Food Scales

Before we decide to buy a scale, we need to check the maximum capacity that the scale can handle. At the same time, we have to determine whether overload protection is needed. When viewing the maximum weight, you not only need to consider the weight of the object being measured, but also the weight of the container that will be placed on the scale. For example, electronic kitchen scales 10 kg and abs kitchen scales 30 kg.



Platform Size of Food Scales

The scales come in different sizes. You will need a suitable platform to meet your specific weighing needs. If you put something on the scale beyond the platform, it may cause inaccurate readings. If you often make bread or desserts, a kitchen scale with bowl is necessary. If you just cook at home for convenience, you can choose general kitchen electronic scales.



Accuracy of Food Scales

The accuracy of the scale helps ensure that the required quantity of one or more products is used. The accuracy of food industry scales is a combination of many factors. First, it has the ability to read the smallest mass change over time. Second, the degree of accuracy changes over time is what we need to consider. The third factor is the repeatability of the measurement. Fourth, due to environmental changes, there is a difference between the measured weight and the actual weight.



Cleaning Ability of Food Scales

Scale in the food industry can stain the food scale. For hygienic purposes, a movable platform scale is convenient and easy for us to clean. Removable pots are easier to clean and can be cleaned more thoroughly. Avoiding corners of the scale with water and food debris may be ideal. Some scales also have a sealed keyboard to make it easier to clean and prevent spills from affecting the scale.



Price of Food scales

Food scales are not as expensive as possible. You can find accurate scales with the required functions in different price ranges. If you have aesthetic needs, rose-gold kitchen scales and marble kitchen scales can definitely become dazzling decorations.



Location and Environment of Food Scales

Besides, we need to consider the location and environmental conditions to place the scale. Factors such as magnetic field, humidity, large temperature fluctuations, vibration, airflow and electrical interference will affect the reading. If necessary, the scale can be equipped with anti-vibration devices and protective covers.



Enhanced Functions of Food Scales

Look for other features that can support your application. Some functions may include: overload protection, portability, element protection, data collection.



Having high-quality, accurate and reliable scales can help maintain the quality of food. We can help you find the most suitable scale for your application.

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