What are Benefits of Using Digital Scales for Cooking and Baking?

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Whether making dinner for the family every night or occasionally entertaining friends to enjoy afternoon tea at home, every home chef can benefit from having a digital kitchen scale. Such as digital spoon scales and measuring scales for baking, they not only make your measurement more accurate, but also reduce the preparation and cleaning time. Today, we will introduce how to use a digital scale and how it can help you in the kitchen.



What is a Digital Scale?

A digital scale is a measuring device that reads and displays the weight of an object. Compared with analog balances, digital balances are a higher quality balance that can provide more accurate weight readings. Chefs use digital kitchen scales to measure the weight or mass of ingredients, expressed in pounds, grams, fluid ounces, or milliliters. Especially when making bread, cakes, or other desserts, digital kitchen scales are often the best tool for us to weigh flour and sugar. Generally, digital kitchen scales are small and light, and take up very little space on the kitchen counter. Some mini kitchen scales are small enough that you can even carry them with you and use them anytime and anywhere.



What is the Working Principle of Electronic Scales?

First of all, we have to know that digital scales work best on a flat surface. When an object is placed on a digital scale, its weight will cause its internal strain gauge to deform. Then the scale converts the deformation amount into an electrical signal, which transmits the signal through a digitizer, and displays the weight on the display screen of the scale.



Why Do We Use Electronic Scales in the Kitchen?

Maintain Consistency and Accuracy

Digital scales have the ability to provide an accurate component measurement. Accuracy is one of important factors that determine the success of baking. Because baking is largely dependent on chemical reactions, each ingredient needs to be accurately measured to make the dessert correctly.


Conversion Metric

If a formula requires 20g of sugar, but you are not familiar with the metric system, the digital scale can easily convert the mathematical formula for you. In a way, it saves part of our cooking time.


Get a Healthy Lifestyle

If you are a fitness expert or you are losing weight, you should measure the amount of your food before eating, which is part of a healthy lifestyle. Food kitchen scales and digital food kitchen scales allow you to easily measure and distribute food to control the calorie intake and achieve the ideal state.


Measuring Nutritional Information

In addition to the weight of food, some more advanced digital kitchen scales also have the ability to display nutritional data, including the number of calories, sodium, protein, fat, carbohydrate, cholesterol, or fiber in the food. Analog kitchen scales and digital cooking scales are your ladders to health.


Mixed drink

You might as well have a drink to refresh your mood during your break. From coffee to cocktails, digital scales can help you adjust the proportions of your drinks correctly. Mixing complex drinks requires steady hands, perfect pouring, and bar equipment such as shot glasses or jigs. Digital scales can estimate the exact ratio of each beverage ingredient, not the liquid ingredient, so the taste will always satisfy you.


Use fewer dishes

One of the most effective benefits of using a digital scale is that you can weigh all dry ingredients into one bowl. On the one hand, whenever you need to add a new ingredient, you only need to reset the digital scale to 0.00, and then perform the corresponding measurement. On the other hand, the cleaning time will be greatly shortened because you do not have to wash a lot of bowls, measuring cups, and measuring spoons.



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