Which Industries Need to Use Floor Scales Most?

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Do you Know Floor Scales?

As the name suggests, floor scales are naturally placed on the ground to weigh objects. Industrial floor scales are perfect for routine weighing tasks-from packages, boxes to crates. On the other hand, floor scales all have a separate weight display, so those large boxes and packages can be weighed without stress.


Like other products, floor scales also have various sizes and scales for consumers to choose from. To determine which type of floor scale is right for your business, you need to check the available options of the scale and compare it to the maximum weight you might have to put on the scale. You can select the scale to ensure the desired reading.

 the available options of the scale

The industrial floor scales currently on the market are usually made of stainless steel, which can cope with humid environments. If the floor scale you choose has an IP rating, then you can safely use it in most environments. For more demanding or automated weighing tasks, you can buy some floor scales, relay boards or printers with data recording or sending functions.



What Benefits Can a Floor Scale Bring?

Floor scales are multifunctional. Their large, flat base can be located in the corner of a warehouse or factory and can be stored when not in use. Floor scales with separate indicators take up even less space because they do have a cylindrical shape and can therefore be placed on their sides.


The flexibility of floor scales means that they can be used for weighing, from boxes to crates to kegs. Even trolley cargo can be weighed on a floor scale-although platform scales are more common for this purpose and better suited for this purpose. However, if your business budget is limited, the price of industrial floor scales will be cheaper.



What Is the Good Thing about a Trade-approved Floor Scale?

When ordering a floor scale, you can choose to obtain trade approved or unapproved. However, the trade-approved scales are strictly tested by designated agencies. This process not only guarantees the quality of the scales, but also improves the standards of trade.


the quality of the scales

The scales that pass this test ensure that the readings are accurate and repeatable. Failure to use commercially approved scales may result in high fines.



Industries that Use Floor Scales

The retail industry often uses floor scales to accurately count inventory and ensure proper packaging. Many floor scales can also provide checkweighing and parts counting functions. Industrial floor scales can be used in manufacturing plants, transportation plants, industries and factories. Such factories need large-capacity floor scales to support what they need、


Floor scales are also widely used in airlines. Every plane has strict requirements on the weight of passengers’luggage. Due to the different sizes and shapes of each suitcase, the weight of the luggage that can be carried on the plane needs to be strictly limited. Floor scales can play an important role in this aspect.


If you want to choose a scale with guaranteed quality suitable for various industries, please contact us. Junkaishun has been committed to the development and production of scales for many years. Our products have obtained a number of patents, which will certainly meet your needs.

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