Which Scale Is Better: Stainless Steel or Aluminum?

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Before buying building materials, many consumers usually need to compare different building materials. Material options usually include aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Each material has certain advantages that other materials may not have. For example, aluminum is lighter and cheaper than steel. However, steel is more durable than aluminum and can withstand higher weight capacity. To decide which material to use to build an industrial scale, consumers should consider the location and purpose of the scale.



The Scale Location

There are a variety of scales such as mechanical bathroom scales, heavy duty scale, Bluetooth weight scale, etc. Which are impacted by the environment they operate in. The material a scale consists of can make little difference between the scale operating properly for many years.


Aluminum has advantages over stainless steel in terms of price and durability. Moreover, aluminum is malleable, which happens to be a feature that stainless steel cannot have. We recommend aluminum scale construction to customers who do not plan to use their scale in moist, corrosive, or abusive environments.

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In a humid environment, scale will cause metal products to rust. Therefore, if you need to use the scale for a long time in a place with high moisture content, a stainless steel scale is your best choice.


For industries that are extremely prone to corrosion, stainless steel scales can bring them endless convenience. Because most chemicals are not harmful to stainless steel. Therefore, this type of scale can be safe and sound in corrosive environments.


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Purpose of Using the Scale

For industries that measure heavy loads or use automatic equipment to load and unload objects on a weighing platform, stainless steel is the best choice. A stainless-steel scale can handle some small impacts, and its robustness protects the mechanism inside the scale.


In order to further determine that aluminum or stainless steel is the best weighing material, buyers should consider what the weighing object is, how heavy it is, and how to place the object on the weighing platform.



High-Quality Construction in Every Scale

Our scale offers customers a wide selection of high quality, long-lasting industrial scales. Our collection includes digital floor scales, platform weighing scales, bench scales, drum scales, counting scales, and more. Most of our scales come standard in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.


Our electronic scales also have no moving parts, so they do not need to be set up and rarely need maintenance. Every scale features a digital indicator, which is equipped with advanced digital algorithms to improve the accuracy and precision of our scales. Our best smart weight scale, digital body scale, portable digital scale, etc. are very popular among customers. With full functioning keypads, our scales enable data input, and large graphic displays, which make it easy to view weight readings from any angle and distance.


Every facility needs a scale suitable for its operating environment. If you need additional help in deciding which digital measuring scale is suitable for your industry, please contact us.

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