Which Scale is Great for E-Commerce and Shipping Businesses?

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Weight is a key element of the e-commerce and shipping industry, which often determines the amount of postage. Choosing the best weighing system for your business needs can increase efficiency and pay postage correctly.


Admittedly, the weight of the packaging determines the transportation cost. The heavier the package, the higher the cost of transportation. In order to maintain profitability, you need to charge customers the number of freight forwarders. If the weight of the package exceeds your expectations, the shipping cost will be added to your bill. If the weight reading is incorrect, the package may even be rejected and returned to the sender. To maintain the profitability of the business, you must accurately weigh the weight of the products entering and leaving the factory with an accurate scale. For companies that rely on efficiency and accuracy, the following scales will be ideal. The type of scale system you buy depends on the type of product or packaging you want to weigh.



Transport Scales and Platform Scales

Shipping scales and bench scales are very suitable for general weighing of smaller packages, automatic check weighing, and counting applications. These scales can provide various sizes, functions, and functions. They are designed to be small in size, allowing you to maximize your workspace.



Postal Scale

Postal scales are usually found in post office counters or office settings. Users can use existing transportation, mailing, and inventory systems to set up for precise handling and weighing. These scales can handle all types of packages or letters while allowing flexibility of use. Electronic scales can be integrated into self-service kiosks used in conjunction with software to save customers time when posting their letters/parcels or purchasing stamps.



Conveying Scale

Conveyor weigh scales are ideal for companies whose profit depends on speed and accuracy because these scales can increase processing speed by increasing output and reducing manual product movement. You can integrate conveyor belt weighing scales with computers, scanners, and label printers to further control the process.


Floor Scale

The floor weighing scale is a heavy-duty scale with a large platform, which can weigh heavier goods with extremely high accuracy, so it is very suitable for weighing bulky products. You can install the electronic floor weighing scale in a central location in the warehouse and use it in two ways. For lighter goods, the operator can push the lighter load onto the scale for weighing. For heavier loads, the operator can drive a forklift to transport the palletized goods to the scale.


Forklift Scale

The forklift scale is directly installed on the forklift, which enables you to lift and weigh the bundled materials on the forklift. So, you can get real-time data collection, which can be used for inventory management and billing. Integrating these scales with in-cab instruments such as barcode scanners will allow you to immediately capture all the necessary freight data available, which is transmitted to the monitoring computer system along with the weight data.



Counting Scale

You can use the digital counting scale for inventory control and accurately count large numbers of identical parts. The precision counting scale can weigh even the lightest parts with an accuracy of over 99%, and it can also minimize operator errors.



Accessories and Integration

You can use appropriate accessories for different types of scale accessories to improve the efficiency of its various operations. Besides, you can integrate these scales into any new application or custom software application.



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