Why does My Digital Scale Give Different Weights?

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Electronic measuring scales have become the first-choice industrial weighing scale for people's production because of their easy operation and precise measurement. Just put the items on the scale support, the indicator will continuously display stable weight readings with the electronic scale, which is very convenient for production activities. Unlike traditional mechanical scales, in normal use, high-quality digital scales can be used for several years. However, sometimes you will find that the reading on the electronic display is not stable when in use, and there will be jumping or unclear display. So why does digital scale give different weights?


Thinking of the unstable reading of the electronic digital weighing scale, the first thing that comes to mind is "drift", which refers to a slight change in the reading when the object is on the scale. There are many reasons for slight changes in readings, and sometimes the electronic scale itself may not necessarily have a problem. For example, electrostatic discharge can cause weight readings to drift. The dry air will also generate static electricity on the load cell or weighing controller, and then make the electronic weighing machine "drift".


In addition, there are many other reasons for the inconsistent readings displayed by the industrial measuring tool:



The Junction Box Has Poor Sealing

If the packaging of the electronic scale is not tight enough during storage, excessive humidity in the packaging box will cause damage to the parts of the metal digital scale itself and make its electronic signal unstable. Open the junction box and use a hair dryer to blow lightly for a few minutes, which can often dry the scale and eliminate the fault.



The Main Line May Be Damaged

If the distance between some scales and the meter is too large, the main line in the scale will be exposed, which may be damaged by people or bitten by rats. At this time, the connection of the metal shielding layer will become weak, which will cause digital jumps. In order to solve this problem, our company uses a multimeter to ensure that each line is an independent channel and firmly connected, and the safety of the digital weighing scale is greatly guaranteed.



The Circuit Board May Be Damaged

Long-term use of electronic accessories can cause oxidation and corrosion. The most important circuit connector will fall after oxidation and rust, causing the pressure line of the electronic scale and the connection with the instrument panel to loosen, making the reading of the electronic weighing machine jump. Users with strong hands-on ability can wipe the contact surface with sandpaper or a file to reconnect, and replace the rusty parts at the same time.



The Plug or Socket Is Oxidized.

The status of accessories other than the electronic scale will also affect the accuracy of the reading of the electronic scale itself. Long-term use of power plugs or sockets will also make the connection resistance unstable after oxidation, causing the electronic scale to keep jumping. This problem can be solved by soaking the plug or socket in 10% dilute hydrochloric acid for ten minutes and then drying it with a hair dryer.



In order to avoid the above problems with your scale as much as possible, you must look for high-quality industrial scales approved by the trade when choosing products. The company's scale products can meet your quality needs, you can contact us at any time.

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